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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wrasslemaniac, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Hey folks,

    Back again looking for some thoughts and comments for a bonus episode of my podcast i will hopefully record this week. The episode is spinning off from my episode of "you call it" where i was asked to look at a debuting John Cena and provide my thoughts on green cena vs cenation. Instead what I have decided to do is record a special episode talking about who are perceived as "THE GUY" through WWF/E eras.

    In the episode I'm going to talk about the rise & fall of Hulkamania, the Rock's rise to megastardom, birth of a cenation and now the rise of an empire. In amongst this i will look at Rock vs Hogan, Rock vs Cena (both matches) and Cena vs Reigns to talk about how the torch is passed on and also talk about how the Torch was suppose to be passed onto Bret and why it wasn't/the fallout from that.

    What I'm looking for is some comments and opinions from you guys to summarise as the end who people class as the guy.

    So what i'd like is to briefly hear who you guys think THE GUY is & why. I don't mean in terms of the current "Guy" i mean over all of WWF/E's history who would you personally say the guy was/is?
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  2. Stone Cold. He lead the way to saving the WWE when they were being crushed by WCW
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  3. Hulk Hogan was "the guy" of WWF/E. Hogan basically launched WWF into the global phenomenon that it was then.
    Bret Hart was arguably "the guy" of WWF/E.
    Shawn Michaels was arguably "the guy" of WWF/E.
    Stone Cold was "the guy" of WWF/E. Austin basically brought WWF into the mainstream.
    The Rock was arguably "the guy" of WWF/E.
    John Cena was "the guy" of WWF/E.
    Undertaker was this legendary mascot of WWF/E.

    Do you see the pattern? Roman Reigns is being hand-picked to be THAT GUY.
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  4. "The Guy" It's funny because me and someone had this conversation awhile back and he felt that "The Guys" were only Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and John Cena which I called bullshit! Bullshit because he felt The Undertaker, The Rock and HBK were not considered "The Guy"....... Now I understand there is alot to be considered the guy but what I don't understand is how people think or feel ROMAN is "The Guy"

    I would say in this order and I know this is arguable....If anybody wants to argue I'm here lbs!

    Hulk Hogan (Didn't really like Hulkamania but hey he's Hulk Hogan right)
    HBK (He was the guy period... Injuries took him from that spot)
    The UNDERTAKER (To me he will forever be the guy 30 years of pure entertainment and dedication)
    Stone Cold Steve Austin ( That's the bottom line)
    The Rock (If rock didn't leave early honestly would John Cena be John Cena?........WOULD HE ?
    John Cena (Big match John has earned my respect)

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  5. Cm Punk could have been "The Guy" If things would have worked out better for Mr.Pipebomb

    A key factor to being the guy to me is if your rise was organic or not example Austin was an organic rise to the top compared to others who I feel were shoved down our throats example Roman
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    Bingo! We have a winner!

    The fans should decide on who "The Guy" is...not the company itself...
    Personally I'd rather they have more than just one "Guy" and try to build
    a group of top line competitors who can act as ambassadors and focal
    points for the company.

    Also...the WWE shouldn't be so focused on having "A Guy"

    Why not allow a woman a shot at being "the Face of the Company"?

    No...I'm not just saying that because I worship Charlotte...

    Okay...I am just saying that because I worship Charlotte...
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  7. Great comments and opinions so far guys! Exactly what I was hoping for. thanks!
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    They need to choose a guy. (Pardon the pun, but...) They need a franchise like Hogan, Hart, DX, nWo, Undertaker, The Rock, SCSA, or the part-timer John Cena, etc. This isn't the time for WWE to sit back and have fans choose a new face.

    Right now there isn't a single person that has the star power that guys like Cena, Austin, Hogan has... And I meant it from a mainstream view. Guys like Owens, Styles, Strowman, Seth freakin' Rollins, etc are over w/ hardcore fans like you and me, but not casuals.

    You might be mad at WWE for hand-picking Reigns, but y'all need to recognize and realize that this is a marketing decision.

    I could tell my mom that Reigns is The Rock's cousin, and she'd light up and call him cute. That actually happened.
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  9. Well...may-be if the company let the fans choose...their "hand-picked"
    guy wouldn't get booed out of the building every week?

    I'm just saying that Reigns isn't working as the "Face of the Company"
    and anyone who thinks he is is just delusional...much like Vince.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Well, I do like ur idea of letting the fans choose...
  11. Hogan
    Stone cold

    Now they’re saying Roman is the guy.... because he sells tickets and merchandise well. The guy... well, to me, is an overall clear top dog. They can wrestle, mic skills, and have a persona that demands respect and integrity. Reigns doesn’t do all this for me. He’s a good wrestler and that’s literally it. Oh, and he’s got the “look.”

    They keep Roman on top because Vince so badly wants him as the guy, and he does sell tickets pretty well. But, he’s no where near the list above.
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    Trust me edge, That'd be the worst thing u could possibly do, Because he could care less about that....
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  14. Hey guys, thanks for your comments on this thread! I've got plenty to use in my episode. I just need to make note on the 4 matches i'm covering as part of it and i can get recording and get the episode up as soon as for you to hear but once again thanks for your comments! Always get great opinions to use from you all
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    You're pretty stupid if you truly believe that disliking my posts will even make me bat an eye.
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    You’re not worth my time, kid.
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  17. Ryan Davis? Is that you? Is this your equally dumb and smelly alter ego?
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