The happy couple

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    The happy couple :pity: Punk is an asshole dumping hot Lita for a little girl AJ
  2. Where did you find this? or did you take it outside your hotel?
  3. TMZ at it again.
  4. Forgot dat possibility
  5. Ive credited the source thats how I found it
  6. Note to self: never walk with someone whilst drinking a beverage. People will think we're fucking.
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  7. It doesnt take a genius to work out how AJ got her pushes and title reign shes been sleeping with Punk who has backstage power
  8. What a piece of shit Punk is.

  9. So apparently this is Punk's new theme. I can dig the Oingo.
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  10. Not that unlike half the Divas she can wrestle.
  11. My question is why Punk didn't throw AJ into the pole and then have Lita hop out of the window?
  12. Even though AJ was champion Before they were dating....
    BLFFL, You're Logic is just pointless.....You're not going to improve anytime soon so.....Go get a Job at TMZ, It seems you're perfect for them.
  13. nobody gives a fuck
  14. For the sake of argument, let's assume it has been genuinely confirmed they are dating and not just friends / coworkers drinking coffee, and for the further sake of argument let's pretend it's any of our business what they do in their personal lives. Why is he automatically an asshole? We have no idea what went or goes on in his relationship with Lita or anything else in any of their personal lives beyond what they say publicly. Even then there are three sides to every story -- his, hers, and the truth. So the only people who know what went on or what goes on is Punk and Lita. It's rather presumptuous to assume he's an asshole for supposedly dumping Lita. It could have been an amicable breakup. They dated and broke up before and were friends, so maybe it just didn't work out this time, if they've broken up. Maybe she cheated on him. Maybe they had differing views about things that they couldn't agree to disagree on. Maybe they couldn't compromise about something important in their lives. There are all kinds of reasons for couples splitting up, and it does not always immediately mean that one person is an asshole or one person is a bitch. Sometimes, shit just happens. So why assume he's an asshole because of a rumored breakup? Not only that, but what does Lita supposedly being hot or AJ being "a little girl" have to do with anything? Some chicks are petite, some chicks are more attractive than others, but beauty is still in the eye of the beholder so all of that is a matter of personal taste. If he was only with Lita because she was hot, then that's not conducive to a good relationship in the first place. So saying he's an asshole for dumping a hot chick and supposedly dating a petite chick is a moot point. Those physical characteristics should have no bearing on it whatsoever. They're human beings like all the rest of us. Let them date and fuck whoever they want for whatever reason they want. It's none of our concern.

    (I know, TLDR, and in the case of BLFFL - "Let me pick one sentence and semi-reply to it." But dammit, I'm still replying.)
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  15. So long....can't make myself read it but GN's posts are quality ugh what to do
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  16. I was taking coffee while walking with my mom yesterday, we must be dating
  17. Whether they're lovers or just friends, who honestly gives a shit.
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  18. I know, I took pics.
  19. The news must be slow today
  20. Lets be honest. Most of the internet 'rasslin community does. Pathetic but true,
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