The Hardys: One Victory Away

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Nov 6, 2014.

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    How do you measure greatness? Championships won? Incredible awe inspiring moments we will remember forever? Classic bouts we want to relive over and over on youtube?

    Greatness, for Matt and Jeff Hardy in 2014 would be to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Clearly a team with nothing left to prove to anyone in this business, Matt and Jeff have something to prove to themselves. That is how you measure greatness. You measure it against yourself and your body of work. Successful people do not need outsiders to motivate them to be great, they put that pressure on themselves. They wake up and try to do something different and great every day. They want to top what they did last year, last month and last week.

    Matt Hardy made that abundantly clear in a piece written here last week. Now, Matt and Jeff were able to get past a very tough contest in Low Ki and Samoa Joe last night on IMPACT and, now, the focus of The Hardys can be on The Wolves.

    If The Hardys want to be measured against the best, there is no better test than The Wolves. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have been incredible representatives of the Tag Team Division, but now with James Storm attempting to sway Davey to the darkside and join his Revolution, can The Wolves focus? Are they primed for the picking?

    One thing is for sure, this match will be a show stealer, it will be epic and will certainly answer all those questions at the beginning of this piece. It will define greatness.


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