News The Headbangers returning to SmackDown Live?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Umm... Not sure how to feel about this. lol
  2. Guarantee they barely get a reaction.
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  3. era....
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. And how old are these guys now? They were never over in the 90s, nothing will change.
  6. 45 and 47
  7. How could a guy who goes into the Royal Rumble like this not be over?

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  8. If only WWE had some form of developmental/farmer league they could pick up teams from for these one of spots.

    If only
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  9. New era. Old guys. :nakamura2:
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    Guaranteed they'll get a Paul Ellering reaction upon his and AOP's appearance at NXT Takeover: The End of the Beginning.

    And that reaction would be: WHO ARE YOU? :brock4:
  11. We need these guys back

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  12. Zayn not getting pushed. Owens not getting a significant push. Headbangers getting booked.

    Cornette is booking from the shadows.....
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  13. The Dicks sucked
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  14. I'd expect Sami being groomed to be one of the faces of the new Cruiserweight division. Owens is main eventing and fighting for the Universal Championship. Headbangers are too amazing not to be booked.
  15. I like it. Pros with experience that can help the younger teams. It's a win win. No one is saying they're booked to win the tournament.
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  16. Gotta give Rhyno and Slater an unlikely win. Slater almost costs the match until Rhyno saves the day. True friends.

    Just woulda liked Tommaso & Gargano get the call up.
  17. It's not an unlikely win to beat the Headbangers tho. The 3MB of their day
  18. I wish they would have kept this a secret, but iirc aren't the Headbangers the Authors of Pain from back in the day? Sounds like a Shane/Bryan heel turn lol, punishing poor Slater :emoji_slight_frown:
    As Shadow said great team to get the surprise win for Slater/Rhyno, which is pretty awesome and shows Rhyno has Heath's back, but I don't see where you go from there.
    Maybe that's how they can turn the Usos, having them knock Slater's team out of the tourney? Would be pretty killer heat right now...
    Otherwise the best story is Slater/Rhyno winning this, but there's no way to get the Alphas out of the tournament so you can do that... hmmm
    Happy this wasn't Gargano/Ciampa though. Those guys coming up should be a big deal, maybe dethroning New Day, not jobbing here
  19. It's not a surprise to beat the headbangers tho. They are not some old dominant team from the attitude era. They were the 3MB of their day. 2 Kool was a more serious threat as a tag team
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