Hell in a Cell The Hell in a Cell maybe Red this year...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by ThePhenom97, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. There's a picture showing the Hell in a Cell in Red color....

    Truly I think this is kinda stupid. You can tell they are trying to do to the Cell what they did with the Cage when it was blue.

    To me this kind of take away some of the imposing presence the Cell has. You go from a Cold Metal Colored Steel Cell to a Bright Warm Red Colored Cell. That's kinda ridiculous when you think about it.

    How do you guys feel?
  2. Hinting at Eva Marie making her wonderful return on Sunday?
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  3. Does this mean SmackDown will have a blue one? :harvey:
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    Nah Eva is still in my bedroom
    If the were to, they could build it as The Son of the Classic Golden Era Steel Cage. But I doubt that would happen.
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    Honestly...I'd be okay with that.

    Seriously...if Alexa Bliss can be so successful...why not have Eva back?

    Alexa is basically a shorter blonde Eva with mic skills.


    You all know I'm right.

    That cardboard standee you rub up against doesn't count.

    And for the record neither does my Charlotte body pillow.


    I have nothing to hide.
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  6. Hell in a Cell has lost it's presence a long ass time ago.. Changing the color is not going to help that.
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  7. I guess the dodgy red paint is to make it look more like Hell?

    That's going to look real cheap when that paint starts flaking
    off & covering the performers.

    WWE...the red color has to come out of the wrestlers for it
    to be impactful.
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  8. Let's all be honest here... the only reason the cell is red this year is so they can charge a ton of money to figure collectors for a new playset, which will be exactly the same as previous ones except the color. Just like how they sell the MITB replica briefcases in all the different colors and shit
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  9. HA! I didn't even think of that.

    Which is odd considering I have a
    fairly large collection of action figures

    Yeah...point & laugh...I don't give a fuck.

    Surprisingly none of mine are wrestling

    Wrestling action figures are strange...like
    they never seem to get the faces right...
    plus they are based on "real people" so
    an action figure of them is just kind of

    I'll stick with Kaiju & Transformers thank you
    very much.


    "New from WWE...its the 2018 Blazing Red Hell in a Cell
    play set featuring the limited edition "Roman pins everybody"
    action gimmick & a bonus Mick Foley figure that has not right
    to be included."
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  10. If you get pissed off at this decision then you are an extremely irritable person.
  11. What if you just think its lame & aren't really irritated by it?

    Is that okay?
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  12. yh
  13. I kinda dig it in all honesty
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