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    *Jack Villane walks to the ring making several heroic poses, while whistling a tune worthy of a hero*

    Jack Villane:
    Here I am! The hero this business wants, deserves and needs. *Jack smiles* Sooo... Some of you might wonder why I didn't come earlier or why I didn't show up for the tournament... Well.... A hero can't save something that doesn't need saving, or at least has problems.

    *Jack Villane walks over to a corner and sits on the top turnbuckle slighly hunched while stroking his beard*

    Jack Villane: But here I am, and I'm not only here, I'm here and I'm having a match, with none other than Rhys Haze, he's a perfect example of what I'm talking about when I tell people of the pro-nunc-i-ation of names, you see... You don't pronounce Rhys like you pronounce "rice" despite the Y in his name, just like you don't pronounce my last name "Villain" or "Villainy" I mean, I like rice and I have nothing but respect for Rhys but he's not made of rice.

    *Jack taps his head lightly and gets down from the top turnbuckle*

    Jack Villane: So Rhys will be the tritagonist to my protagonist, the obstacle to my marathon and the Blue to my Red *Jack winks and is amused by his own refferences* So tonight... You're all going to witness my adventure as the protagonist of Saturday Night Precision, and let me tell you... I'm going to make it a good story... With a happy ending.

    *Jack jumps out of the ring, strikes a pose then hurries out of the arena tapping the shoulder of a few fans*

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