The Hierarchy (Ranking System)

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Just a Work in Progress.
LDW Management
This is the brand new ranking system here in the Xbox League. This is what decides how you get booked, what your place in the company is and what title(s) you can go after. It will also display your W/L record. It is tied to both Kayfabe and OOC situations. Everyone has a place in The Hierarchy, whether you're a veteran, brand spankin' new, the best, the worst or in the the Xbox League Promo School. The Hierarchy is completely organic and will be updated on a weekly basis. If you're a champion, you are not guaranteed a high place in rankings and you can't just ride your reign into the sunset, you must stay on top of your game even more so. There may be perks and incentives for being in the top three of your respective category.

Jet Starr, how am I ranked?!
That is a very good question, so here are the basics:
  1. Promo skill: How well you do in promos. The content of your promos. The overall control and tone of your promos. If they make sense. Does it lead anywhere? Are you improving or degrading? Promo Length/Quality Ratio (Better to be short an great, than long and boring. Unless you can pull it off well.) Does it fit your character at all?
  2. Character: Does your character work in the day-to-day happenings in Ignition? Is your character unique? Does the gimmick make sense? Does your look fit the gimmick you are trying to portray? Does the character look well made in general? Do you have a full understanding and control of your character? Does the character have longevity?
  3. Win/Loss Record: This is pretty self-explanatory, are you winning? Are you losing? *Note: Just because you have more wins than someone, that doesn't mean you'll be higher up than someone with more losses
  4. Gameplay: Are you a fair player? Is your play style tailored to your character/gimmick? Are you playing legitimately within the guise of being a Face or a Heel? Are you playing within the rules? You cannot abuse glitches, known or unknown (trust me, I find out about every glitch one way or another). Are you a good player, and if not, are you improving?
  5. Conduct: Are you presenting yourself with a bit of decency in the league, on the forum and with league/forum members on other social outlets? Are you behaving yourself and abiding by the rules? Are you tainting the image of the league/other members?
  6. League Activity: Simply put, are you active? Are you engaged in the league to the best of your ability? Have you provided to the league?
These are the main things that you all will be ranked on. There will be no bias, whether you are liked or hated by me/other members, that will not play a part here.

Some aspects of the rankings are more important than others, but you all will have to figure that out for yourselves.
Being a champion or undefeated does not guarantee you anything.
Being a jobber does not mean you will always be given the bad end of everything.
Being a veteran doesn't mean you're automatically one of the best.
Being new means you start at the bottom (depending on the situation), but you won't remain there.
You get what you earn/deserve.

*If you are left off The Hierarchy, and you were active for the week, notify me in the OOC thread*

The Hierarchy is not to be mentioned in-character

Ignition World Championship
Champion: @Hybrid
1. @Fireshock
2. @SupaHeeroh

3. @Frosty
4. @Emo
5. -
Intercontinental Championship

Champion: @MintMidget69
6. @Papa Franku's ear
7. @Finniis

8. @impactking
9. -
10. -
11. -
12. -
15. -

Currently Unranked/Missing/On Sabbatical:

@Legit Boss
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