The Hinterkaifeck Family Murder

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. I only heard about this for the first time a short while ago and figured it was worth posting for anyone who's as interested or intrigued by unsolved murders/mysteries as much as I am.

    To summarize for those who refuse to watch both (or either) videos: A family of five (six counting the maid) residing in a farmhouse in 1920's Germany end up slaughtered by an unknown perpetrator who is never caught, despite the police interviewing over or around 100 suspects. And out of all the people questioned, only one of them was ever considered to be a strong suspect (based on everything I read about him, I think it's still likely he was the killer, but there wasn't enough strong evidence to convict him.)

    The most interesting part of all this is not even so much the crime itself, but the weird shit that occurred both before and after the murders. I.E. The original maid hearing strange noises in and around the house, the father of the family seeing large footprints in the snow that led from the forest all the way up to his house but no footprints that lead back, a newspaper that the family didn't subscribe to ending up on their doorstep, keys that went missing, etc. And the fact that the bodies were only discovered four days after the murders happened, and yet during that time, the neighbors within the village as well as passerby's said that smoke could be seen still coming out of the chimney, meaning the killer(s) had to have lived inside the house for at least a couple of days after the crime was committed. The animals still looked well-fed too, and there was recently eaten food on plates inside the kitchen.

    Despite a very thorough investigation, police came up with nothing.
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  2. This was on the crime channel here the other day, I caught parts of it.
  3. Yea, murders went unsolved in the 1920s. crazy stuff
  4. On TRT?

    How much if at all had the story changed over the years Lock? I'm wondering if it's stayed consistent or its been added to over the years.
  5. As far as I or anyone else knows, the story has remained the same throughout the years. I've read up on this from a dozen or so different websites and the story always seems to be the same. The German police jotted all of this stuff down in their case files back[​IMG] in the day while the investigation was ongoing and I'm pretty sure there's even a German website you can go to where they let you read the old case files from back in the day.
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