The history of World Class Championship Wrestling

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  1. The history of World Class Championship Wrestling


    World Class Championship Wrestling started in 1966 in a big silver barn called the Sportatorium on the corner of Cardiz Street and Industrial Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. Back then, when it was Big Time Wrestling and the mighty Fritz Von Erich ran the show and wrestled in the main events, it was a local thing. Folks along the Trinity River packed the house on Friday nights to see The Spoiler, Boris Malenko and The Golden Terror try to wrestle the American Title away from their hero, Fritz. But by the time Von Erich’s four sons, Kevin, Kerry, David and Chris, had taken the spotlight from their father in the early 1980s, World Class had become a sports-entertainment phenomenon from Fort Worth, Texas to Tel Aviv, Israel.

    There isn’t much left of WCCW in Dallas today. The dilapidated Sportatorium was demolished in 2003, Fritz and four of his boys passed away all too soon and the last surviving son, Kevin, moved his family some 4,000 miles away to Hawaii long ago. But theirs is a story worth remembering. Here, WWE Classics offers a brief history of a sports-entertainment institution through photos, videos and conversations with Kevin Von Erich. Saddle up and ride.

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