The history of WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kio, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. Haven't been watching WWE since long, started as a fan only last year and there's a whole lot of history uncovered behind me so yeah mind any member answering these questions for me.

    What happened to Team Nexus?
    History of RAW and Smackdown GM's?
    Why did John Lauritis get fired?
  2. What happened to Team Nexus?

    LOL Cena wins

    Why did John Lauritis get fired?
    LOL Cena wins
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  3. So the reason is John Cena wins? Don't know if it was fake or something but is it true? There's a clip where I saw (No way out or hell in a cell I think). Vince fired him, don't know if it's true?
  4. The joke is that these big angles revolved around cena, and cena always wins -.-. Nexus died because of him which was a shame because nexus was awesome.
  5. There was something like 'Super Show' in Raw? Smackdown type coloured? What was that, when did it start and when did it end. I just saw it on video's, don't know if it existed?
  6. The RAW Supershow was a concept introduced when the split between RAW and Smackdown was silently killed. Before it the rosters were split between RAW and Smackdown, so some wrestlers only worked smackdown and some only worked RAW. With the supershow they started to bring Smackdown guys to RAW regularly.
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  7. Someway was Curtis Axel in Team Nexus or even in WWE. This image confuses me,
    who is that guy with CM Punk? Is it Curtis Axel or Mason Ryan?

  8. Curtis with other gimmick and name
  9. So that is Axel? How? I thought he was introduced to WWE by Paul Heyman?
  10. He was Michael McGillicutty before and was part of the original Nexus as he was featured in season 1 of NXT. He then was repackaged as Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman

  12. McGillicutty was on the second season of NXT and was part of the second incarnation of the Nexus.
  13. Ohh never knew he once worked with CM Punk and certainly didn't know he was Michael McGillicutty. Thanks
    a lot for the details man.
  14. So Nexus died just like that?
  15. Wish Nexus or even The Corre would return, they kept WWE over expectations. Sadly The Corre
    was killed because of an argument. Wouldn't it be awesome if we got another serious team again?
  16. Then what do you call the Shield?
  17. Yeah, Nexus was kinda fucked after one week. They had no plans, so they just ended it.
  18. What to the Womens Championship, you know have it on my Xbox and yeah heard about it (watched video's on YouTube). What happened to it? Did it die just like that, a reason or still there? Don't see it on the WWE anymore.
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