The Honky Tonk Man Says He's Back With WWE

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  1. The Honky Tonk Man, who held the Intercontinental Championship for a record 454 days, is back with WWE.

    The 60-year-old announced Thursday that he has come to terms on a multi-year contract with the sports-entertainment organization.

    "I am honored to be back with the WWE and am very excited to be teaming up with WWE again for some more Shake, Rattle and Roll," said The Honky Tonk Man in a message released via his representative on Facebook.

    The Honky Tonk Man personally added on Twitter, "HTM back in the game. Inks multi yr. WWE deal. Never say Never in #WWE."

    The Honky Tonk Man last appeared as a regular character for WWE in 1997, as a manager and color commentator. After competing for several years on the independent circuit, he resurfaced on last month's "Old School" episode of Raw.

  2. I'm thinking it's just a Legends deal but the way they talk about him being not being an on-screen character since 1997 makes me think he'll become a presence on the show regularly for some extended period of time again. I remember how much he said he hated the protege angle from '97. Hopefully if they use him in something on TV, it's a lot better. (A 'manager' of some sorts for 3MB?)
  3. It's a standard legends deal from what I can gather. Expect to see him with either 3MB or just Slater if he returns on screen.
  4. ''As noted on Thursday, The Honky Tonk Man has signed a multi-year deal with WWE. That deal is a typical Legends deal.'' - Wrestlinginc
  5. Good for him, I suppose.
  6. Get the fuck out.


    This made my day, though I am still bitter over him jobbing to the Ultimate Warrior. I don't care how long ago it was or that it was scripted, FUCK WARRIOR.
  7. :dawg: This guy gets it
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