The Hulkster is coming back to Toronto

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. CM Punk interested?
  2. I think last year they had Shane from Walking Dead and Rita from Dexter appear.
    This year we have Andrea and I'm assuming Daryl and someone else.
  3. Bit worried about the uncensored bit tbh, didn't he have a rumored home vid that also showed Hulk uncensored, but it could make it an interesting night though
  4. Does that mean we get more "Angry Grandpa Hogan"?


    Or does that just mean more Brooke boobage... oh, well, Hulk's are bigger anyway
  5. Not sure whos may sag more though, Brooke or Hulk ?
  6. Nice, we could use a new :notamused: smiley.

  7. Miz girl smiley for that would do the job
  8. oh, Senhor perfect's actual face was the :notamused: smiley, now i think it's :senhor:

    Either way, guy is one man-pretty S.o.B, and his wife spreads her legs online for me. She isnt even impressed with me, she just does it because I do the same for him.
  9. Don't know if I should be flattered or upset... :idk:
  10. :senhor:
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