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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ed!, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Who's gonna be the new Intercontinental Champion?

    So far we got Cesaro, Khali, Kofi and Sandow, who do you think will be entered and who do you think will win?
  2. Probably Cesaro. If Brock really is winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam, then Cesaro holding the Intercontinental Title simultaneously will be a way for Heyman to brag that his two clients currently possess the two most prestigious championships in the company. And what a cool image it would be to see Cesaro and Lesnar in the ring at the same time, both with a title over their shoulder (in Lesnar's case, two titles.)

    I know some are opposed to him becoming the IC champion since it seems to be a curse for some people, but the MITB briefcase that we all assumed was being kept warm for him ended up in the hands of Rollins instead and since Cesaro has nothing else of importance going on, you might as well crown him the new Intercontinental Champion. Besides, winning two prestigious battle royals will allow he and Heyman to boost about his dominance and success in battle royals when it comes time for the 2015 Royal Rumble match (who knows, maybe he'll be the last guy, or at least one of the last guys, that Reigns tosses out to win next year.)
  3. Wait, they're doing a Battle Royal for the IC Title, had multiple segments putting it over, and every single mention was cut? HAHAHAHA. How perfect!

    Hope Sandow wins it.
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  4. If anyone can restore the title to some value it would be Paul Heyman and Cesaro which is why I wanna see them win didn't think of the Rumble, seeing as the other one just went.

    I am thinking WWE will toss in fillers like Slater, Santino and some tag teams
  5. Cesaro winning 2 Battle Royales within 3 months would be noteworthy for sure.
    Obviously I'm pulling for Sandow but I mean I gotta be real I bet he'll be the first one out.. yet again.. and again.
  6. Might repair Cesaros lost momentum if he won the belt, only other person I can think of is Bo.

    Sandow and Ziggler seem way to down in the pecking order for me to see them winning this belt as a legitimate result, they're more US at this point.
  7. I can see RVD, Adam Rose, and Bo Dallas entering it.. Swagger and Rusev will be in a singles match at Battleground so I doubt they would be included.

    I'd also like to see Cesaro win it.... he'd represent it better than any other.
  8. Slater to win and get a HTM-like reign. Or Sandow, that could be good. Or Cesaro.
  9. Bo Dallas going in would mean Bo winning the belt unless they wanna end his undefeated streak which imo just adds to his heat
  10. He was in the RAW Battle Royale for a spot in the WWEWHC Ladder match and he lost... I believe the streak is only counting singles matches... at least it seems that's what they are doing.
  11. Well, you know how WWE tend to forget/ignore things from the past, even when it's things that happened fairly recently... I wouldn't be surprised to see Bo win and then see the commentators pretend like he never lost the previous battle royal (which I don't even remember myself, but that's probably because I skimmed past it in a hurry on my DVR.)
  12. PPV Battle Royal I think holds a lot more value than TV show battle royal
  13. Bo winning would be great as well.
  14. Ziggler or Cesaro seem like the best choices for me. I'd also love to see Bo Dallas, haha. Maybe it will happen. We just have to BOlieve.
  15. Either Cesaro or Sandow.

    Cesaro is the top name announced so far. With Sandow it fits his current "searching for respect" character.
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