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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 25, 2013.

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    The WWE commentary staff is often shat upon by the IWC. Either Cole is too annoying as a heel or not good enough as a play by play guy, or Lawler is just too old (which is true) or Matthews and Dawson are too noobish. Commentary is a crucial part of the wrestling product since it helps tell the story to the viewers. It weaves what happens in the ring into a finely knitted story and so forth. Some even say that a new commentary team can help bring forth a new generation just as much as a new belt or a new babyface. But with all the critique that the commentary of today gets, how would you spice it up?

    I'd personally move JBL to RAW to do commentary with Cole. I like face Michael Cole and he and JBL has tons of chemistry. They play off each other so well. Lawler deserves to retire or possibly take on a backstage role or do one of those highlight shows for the Network. As for Smackdown I'd keep Matthews, he's a good play by play guy but like Cole needs someone to work off of. For that I'd bring in someone he has lots of chemistry with, Road Dogg. Dogg and Matthews worked well together on Are you Serious? and could do it as well on screen. Dawson would be worked in somewhere down the line, perhaps as a face color commentary guy to counter either JBL or Road Dogg.

    Or are there any other changes you would do to commentary? In the way it is done or else.

    How would you change the commentary teams on WWE TV?

    Would you change anything else with the commentary?

    Can the commentary really have that much impact on the show?
  2. I would bring back Ross .
    And retire Jerry bring back JBL to raw .

    Is it important? Watch WM 25(With Ross) and WM26(without Ross ) it's really important imo
  3. I'd prefer brand new commentators entirely, that would bring new life to the product in it's own way. But they can't just pull a new talented commentated duo out of their ass, so I think Cole and JBL are their best bet. Lawler admitted a few years ago he lost all his passion for commentating and would rather be in the ring. Sometimes, he even goes minutes on end without saying a single word if he has a third guy at the table (like Booker T. at a PPV or something) to fill in for him.
  4. Cole/JBL and Mathews/Dogg really sound good indeed.
  5. WWE should hire me. Because like George, I always have interesting comments to make while watching events

    I'll show them my TNA review threads as proof to my interesting comments
  6. People like maddox , barret or cesaro have shown they are good .. They should have more guests
  7. All you need is Booker T.

    Booker + Cole = win.
  8. Its a tough one as whoever they pick has to be as good or better than JR and not many come close. JR made the greatest matches of the AE better with his commentary. Take the famous Mankind/Taker match without JR filling in with his excellent commentary whilst Foley was down and out after the throw off the cell the life would've gone out of that match. U need someone who can say the right phrase at the right time Cole lacks this at times as he as mentioned leaves a lot of silence.
  9. imaginge chris kamara on commentary UNBELIEVABLE JEFF
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  10. Kammy would miss half the a action lol
  11. JBL and Cole on Raw, JR and CM Punk on Smackdown. My dream teams :emoji_grin:
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