The Interview With Geroge

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    (Going to act like this is a radio show)

    Adam: Ladies and gentlemen we are back live with Mystical George , George first off glad to have you here, So how did you find the forum at first?

    Anyone can "call in" and ask a question too.
  2. Jwab told me about his faction, The Cure, on WWEF and how they were trying to get off the ground. He came to me because he knew I had fed history and would always rep the MP boys. So, I basically started here with the intention of pissing people off and whipping ass in IWT which I think I'm still doing right now, but with a positive mental attitude.
  3. I see, Seems pretty interesting. So who is in your opinion the best user on the site?
  4. That's a hard question because I feel that to be good member on a forum you need two qualities - a) you have to know what the fuck you're supposed to be talking about i.e. wrestling and b) you can't be anti-social or a little asswipe. In terms of wrestling knowledge, I'll give it to Stopspot and in terms of not being a little bitch, Aids Johnson takes the cake. So I guess you could say they're, in my opinion, the best on the site.
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  5. Good, Good. Now who do you think is the Best Wrestler In The World today?
  6. Assuming we're talking about all aspects of wrestling and not just in ring (easily Bryan if so), I'd give it to CM Punk with Austin Aries as a close second. Both have a very solid and credible character backed up with good wrestling which is very uncommon these days. The only thing holding Bryan back from being #1 is that he's hard to take seriously sometimes because of the Yes/No shit and the general goofiness that he carries along with though it is being fazed out as we speak.
  7. Very nice opinion there, I was mainly talking about just wrestling but you already answered that, What is your favourite band.
  8. Oooooh. This is a good question! My two favourite bands of all time are The Doors and Arctic Monkeys with The Doors as my all time favourite and Arctic Monkeys as my current favourite. I'm also a big fan of Foals, The Strokes, The 1975 and many others.

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