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WWEF's Resident Hologram
The camera is scanning the crowd as the show comes back from commercials when there is a Wolf Howl echoing throughout the arena. Once the howl stops the music hits and the titantron comes to life.

There is a small pop as the music hits and Wolf walks out from the back wearing a leather jacket with a wolf's head on the back, he poses, turning around to show it off as he shows off his new attire. He doesn't come down to the ring but instead takes a mic from his jacket pocket and starts to talk.

"EX- OH - DUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" he screams at the top of his lungs "You have no idea how badly I have wanted to get back out here for the past couple of weeks. It doesn't matter. I am here now and I've got myself a treat!" he says and points at the titantron, the screen showing the match card for Exodus Jail House and his match with Luis Alvarado is highlighted.

"That's right you loveable sycophants" he says with a smirk "I'm getting a shot at that title. It's not gonna be an easy match, an iron man match never is but I'm gonna come to the jail house and I am gonna blow the roof off and let the inmates run wild. I look damn good in orange btw" he grins and walks from one side of the stage to the other.

"Luis Aldo, if you're watching... and why wouldn't you be watching when the Big Bad Wolf is on TV." he smirks gesturing to himself "I got a lot of respect for you man, I mean you won that title from Des, it's got a lot of history, it's got a legacy of a great number of champions. But at Jail House... I'm going to war with you. And I'm either gonna walk out of that championship or I'm gonna make sure neither of us walk out. That's not a threat champ. That's a promise."

He puts the mic back in and points to the titantron, the camera zooms in on the match up before showing the Jail House logo and the feed fades to black.
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