TV The IT Crowd being remade for US

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  1. The British comedy series the 'IT Crowd' starring Richard Ayoade and Chris O'Dowd will be remade into an American version of the series starting with a pilot ordered by NBC. The people in charge of the American version will be Bill Lawrence and Neil Goldman; a TV writing team who has worked on many solid projects.. the biggest ones would be Family Guy, Scrubs and Community with Lawrence also doing work on his co-created show Cougartown as well as a couple of other minor projects in between all of those..

    I'm 50/50 on this, I think it will be better than the American remade version of The Inbetweeners but definitely not as good as The Office.
  2. I love IT Crowd, a US remake was tried before but failed, perhaps better success this time.....


  3. Yeah that's right, Joel McHale was definitely not a good fit for Roy, I'm glad he ended up doing Community instead, his snarky acting ability is fit more for that style than a nerd-esque character in Roy.. I wonder if Richard Ayoade will still be playing Moss like he did in that failed pilot.
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  4. I'm not a big fan on US remakes...

    Most of them jus fail and become forgotten...

    The Office was successful but I never really did enjoy it. One or two moments but that's all.

    Tbh, I'm going to hate this
  5. Yeah, seeing a person with Joel's personality be Roy comes off as un-natural. Much happier he went on to be Jeff in Community instead.
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