The king of banter: The Kevin Owens tribute thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2016.

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  1. That this thread did not already exist is a crime. Use this thread to celebrate the ultimate shit talker.

    I'll start, from yesterday's house show in Wisconsin

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  2. Him doing commentary wearing JBL's cowboy hat has to be my fave moment this year. I was crying with laughter at how he looked and his comments.
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  3. Yeah he's had some gold. I'm hoping he wins the WHC by the end of the year. Preferably at survivor series lol
  4. GOAT

    "Hey, ref! What's funnier than Dolph Ziggler? EVERYTHING!" :ko:
  5. Definitely get the feeling that Owens isn't scripted half as much as some!
  6. Lmaooo that first clip with the USA chants. Gold.

    Kevin Owens is by far my current favorite wrestler right now and I can base that off his humor alone. Very few can entertain me as much as he does.
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  7. Agreed. Plus, the dude delivers in the ring.
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  8. It's pretty simple but I laughed my ass off at the Royal Rumble when he was setting up a table and a fan yelled, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and he said, "Thanksgiving's in November, Moron."

    I don't know why. It's so simple but it really made me laugh.
  9. "Your momma sucks" - Undertaker

    Still the best crowd banter, ever.
  10. I can't praise him enough for his character work, something I quite frankly believe is the single most important criteria for a professional wrestler/ sports entertainer. He well and truly lives his gimmick and the incredible thing is that in a way he's two heel gimmicks rolled into one. One of the smug, condescending and highly pompous individual who berates everyone in front of him and actively uses every underhanded tactic in the book to get the win and the other of the rugged, tough pro-wrestling veteran who can hand anybody a proper whooping on any given day, it's just incredible to watch.

    Just have a look at these two videos and note the drastic difference in demeanour and character-work exhibited by Owens, a true pro indeed:

  11. I actually like you! Especially on Total Divas!

    lawd. Dude needs to be pushed to the moon and back
  12. He's like irl Cartman who can back up his smack talk.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Omg thank you for that. I have a sign idea for survivor series now lol
  15. For real though, the guy is one of, if not THE MOST entertaining things going right now in the wwe. Absolutely love when he's on commentary. And some of those clips are funny as hell. He's a refreshing, yet experienced character and he's the total package. If he's not the hwc in the next year, or 2 at most, I'll be surprised.
    I know alot of people want ambrose to win the mitb, but throw a curveball and give it to owens and have him beat reigns. Fuckin eh, he would sky rocket in popularity amongst alot of people.
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