the king of pipebombs?

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  1. who do you think has done the best pipebombs? After watching a compilation of some on youtube my vote goes to paul haymen
  2. Goldust laid down some mean pipebombs back in the day.
  3. i seen one of them when he returned to wcw with the black and white man gimmick
  4. The only pipebomb was CM Punk's. Everyone else is just cutting promos or shoots.

    The pipebomb is a Punk thing and is just a different name for a promo/shoot of a certain level.

    Any wrestler with good enough word skills can cut one, but it is only when Punk does one that it is called a pipebomb because that is what his fans decided to call it.
  5. oh right thanks didnt know that
  6. As Stopspot said.
    The others are just shoots/worked promos.

    Only he has delivered a pipebomb as he created the name :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  7. Punk, ofcourse. He kind of created it.

    If you want to compare it a little, I'd say The Rock. He could diss anyone from Vince to the cable guy backstage.
  8. Brian Pillman
    Scott Steiner



    CM Punk isn't a pimple on any of these guys' asses. They drop bigger pipebombs in their sleep than wittle CM Punk wif his worked shoots
  9. Jim Cornett's 90's pipebombs were awesome, better than Punk's IMO
  10. Anyone in the attitude era
  11. New Jack's shoots are really entertaining. Even though he's shit stain on the face on humanity he's a really good shooter. Also Kane would have to be a candidate since his pipebombs are actual pipebombs :otunga:
  12. You kids need to learn to respect the legends. I make the best post in this thread and it gets no recognition.

    Pillman shooting on smart marks is so godly it isn't even funny. Also anyone shooting on Bischoff is win
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  13. this is why i chose paul haymen its about 6 mins in
  14. I didnt even know the term smart mark was around back then lol
  15. Yup. People like to think that the whole smart fan thing is a new concept but smarks have been around as long as wrestling has.