The King of the kings has arrived.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Mr.Kewl, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hello I'm Kewlz, biggest fan of Triple H and The DX.
  2. Welcome to WWEForums, remember to follow the Twitter to receive the award.
  3. I'm not here for awards, just to meet people with same interest.
  4. God Xanth is an award whore, ignore him :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Welcome to the site man, you got a favourite DX moment you want to post?

    Also, do you still watch WWE now?

  5. I'm not an award whore. :stupids:
    It just looks nice.
  6. Obviously I watch Wwe, I miss Dx, I miss Shawn.
  7. Favourite Superstar now? Shawn is most likely returning at mania, won't tell you why since I wouldn't want to spoil it (unless you want me too).
  8. Actually, I stopped watching. Has many other things to do.
  9. "Obviously I watch Wwe" That kind of confused me, lol.

    Fair enough.
  10. Because I lied,
    I don't get enough time for Wwe.
  11. Lol okay. Well, we have the downloads and shows uploaded to youtube if you ever want to catch up.
  12. Welcome to the site, hope you stay active :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. I think you meant "Triple H" not "Triple", but welcome.
  14. Haha good post! Lots of CM Punk fans here