The Kingdom Rises

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  1. KingdomRises
    The rise of the Kingdom since its formation on September 17, 2014 has been one that has left many in shock. Adam Cole recruited Michael Bennett, Maria Kanellis and finally Matt Taven to form one of the most versatile and talented factions in Ring of Honor history. This controversial group made it known that they were here to dominate not just Ring of Honor, but the entire wrestling world as well.

    Matt Taven & Michael Bennett immediately inserted themselves into former ROH World Champion Adam Cole’s rivalry with Jay Briscoe. Jay was not the only target though, as The Kingdom sought to take out his brother Mark as well. While picking up Cole’s battle, they began to define themselves. This duo, along with Maria Kanellis’s guidance, provide a dream mix of talent. Taven is the cocky, smooth as silk, fast paced aerial artist, while Bennett is the brash, well-built, classic technician. Kanellis provides an underrated brain and a whole lot of distraction!

    In the fallout of his brutal Fight without Honor, it was revealed that Adam Cole was severely injured. It has not been made 100% clear, but there are rumors of multiple surgeries due to the intense nature of the now classic fight with Jay Briscoe. Cole decided to make himself invisible, while Taven, Bennett & Kanellis appeared to ramp up their profile by creating havoc and piling up victory after victory as a team.

    Their first taste of the limelight came in November of 2014, as Taven, Bennett & Kanellis were invited to the prestigious New Japan Pro Wrestling World Tag League Tournament. As one of 16 teams, the duo faced and defeated the very best teams NJPW had to offer. They arrived back in Ring of Honor even more arrogant and ready to step up to prove they belonged among the best tag teams in professional wrestling.

    On Saturday Night, February 21, 2015 in Atlanta, GA, Taven & Bennett arrived as an elite unit in professional wrestling. They defeated the legendary former 8x ROH World Tag Team Champion Briscoes in a 2 out of 3 falls Tag Team Armageddon match-up. The first fall was a standard tag team match. The second fall was tables match and the 3rd fall was Falls Count Anywhere match. Taven and Bennett went in as underdogs and proved themselves by outlasting the most decorated and toughest team in ROH history.

    As their rise continued, so did their brilliance! They called out then ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon and came within a breath of defeating them at Supercard of Honor IX. Their hard work finally paid off on Sunday April 5, 2015. With the world watching Taven & Bennett defeated Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Doc Gallows to become the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions in Tokyo, Japan.

    Kanellis’s contributions are far from traditional. She recognized the opportunities provided in Japan and a unique strategy was developed. With Japan being a very modest, traditional country, she decided that using her visual appeal could get the fans and talent alike buzzing and she was correct. Some call it a distraction and they might be right, but you cannot deny how relevant she has been to the success of The Kingdom. The complete package of Taven, Bennet & Kanellis have now cemented their legacy as one of the best units in Ring of Honor and the world.

    What is not questioned is that Matt Taven & Michael Bennett are the hottest tag team in professional wrestling. They are riding high with victory after victory over high profile tag teams. Maria Kanellis has revealed she has open contracts for Taven & Bennett to face off with any and all comers. She told us that it doesn’t matter if its reDRagon, The Young Bucks or Anderson & Gallows, they will all fall to The Kingdom. It doesn’t matter if it’s the US, Mexico, Europe or Japan. The Kingdom are the best tag team in wrestling today and will not stop till they are known as the best tag team in wrestling history.

    The Kingdom are the current IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions and have put new ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian on notice that they want their championships as well.

    With the silence of Cole, questions have started to form. Have Taven, Bennet & Kanellis done this all without Cole’s input and direction? Is Cole a true genius? Did he know the mix of Taven, Bennett & Kanellis would be what they have become? Did he form this union with the thought that if he was ever to step back, that they could keep the Kingdom in a position of dominance? Is he the ultimate chess master, sitting in the background pulling the strings? Is Kanellis the one steering the ship or is this without a doubt a unified front, one for all, all for one scenario?

    They are the ultimate strategists with domination as their goal. Can they be stopped? We may not know that for a very long time. What we do know is that they are proficient at creating controversy and winning championships. The Kingdom has risen, with no fall in sight.

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