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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Acailler, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. I was browsing another forum and came across something that I've been thinking for a while. To save me typing it is.

    "Since the begining on the Knockout Division I have been a fan. But as we all know TNA over the years have made many mistakes. They've obviously had mistakes with the writing, production etc. But I believe that they've made a mistake lately by not focusing on the Knockout Division. (Remember when there was talk about giving them their own show?)

    A major reason being that history has proven that the Knockouts draw ratings. They have drawn some of the highest rated segments on Impact. They have main evented a few episodes of Impact while putting on some nice hardcore and steel cage matches. Yet as of late they're being phased out. One main reason is that Bruce Pritchard isn't high on womens wrestling. Then the obvious departures of Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Winter have also hurt this Division. So now what do they do?

    What I'd like to see is TNA start a working relationship with Shimmer Women Athletes. Shimmer has talents such as Cheerleader Melissa, Melanie Cruise, Nicole Matthews, Courtney Rush and MsChif plus many more. All of these women are pretty solid in the ring which is one way that they'd help the KO Division.
    Obviously Invasion angles are a part of the Wrestling Industry and I believe that a Shimmer Invasion on the KO Division could help this dying division.

    This is just something I've been pondering for awhile now and I'd like to see everyone else's opinion"

  2. Repackage it completely. Keep Tara, Velvet, Taeler Hendrix, Sarita and Gail Kim. Send the rest to OVW or something. Bring these Shimmer girls in and possibly Kong.
  3. You love ODB test.
  4. I do? WTF :dawg:
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