The lack of Big babyfaces in the main feud a blessing or a curse?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. So most of us have watched the ending of last night now, and saw what happened. Most of the guys that came out to help Bryan aren't exactly big stars, I'd say RVD being the biggest one, whilst the heel side is more stacked with high profile guys (at least in the amount of airtime). But is this a blessing or a curse?

    I personally think it is a bit of a blessing. It is an opportunity to create a couple of new babyfaces to actually care about. Instead of shit eaters like Cena and Sheamus who leech off of popularity of others. We could see a couple of new stars being made there with guys like PTP, Usos and so forth.

    Are you of a similar opinion? Or do you think more high profile faces need to be involved at this point in the storyline?
  2. It all seemed very "mid-cardy". I think one or two "bigger" stars like RVD wouldn't hurt. But who?
  3. Downside there is there aren't many around. Rhodes will obviously be brought back once his honeymoon is over so he is a shoe in, and Show will turn down the road so thats another one.

    Otherwise I still say that a good way to build new good guys is to have them go against bigger bad guys. And Shield are bigger just by association right now to Trips.
  4. It's definitely a blessing. The best way to get a babyface over is to put him against a strong heel, so this is working. Plus with this angle, it's better to see scrappy young guns like Bryan and Rhodes and Ziggler overcome the Corporation for more of that underdog appeal as opposed to the Cenas and Sheamuses who have overcome so many odds that they've actually BECOME the odds.
  5. Much of a blessing. We can finally create some faces, legit faces. Since all of the current ones have that midcard feel to them, it's the perfect time to mold them into the babyfaces WWE needs, since they can be considered underdogs and people will actually buy into it.
  6. A blessing for sure. I wonder if they will try to bring in a new/NXT guy to fill in some gaps. Sami Zayn perhaps?
  7. A blessing since it gives less established stars a chance to shine in the spotlight. It's the advantage of an angle like this one where the top heel (that would be HHH/Steph, not Orton) can easily interact with anyone on the roster, which makes the entire roster feel relevant to an extent. Daniel Bryan is being built up as the next big face, Ziggler can face up to HHH's "punishments" and also challenge Ambrose for the US Title, PTP/Usos can challenge Rollins/Reigns for the tag team belts, Rhodes can get much sympathy and fan support for being fired and his family mistreated the way they have been, etc. Once CM Punk finishes up with Heyman, you'll have another high profile face join the fray too, one whose anti-authority/establishment character is perfect for this story line.

    There's advantages for the heels, too. The Shield being HHH's muscle means they automatically get screen time in the main event even just beating someone up. HHH can also just walk up to a mid card heel (Sandow, etc.) and give him props and talk about he sees something in him and how he can become the face of the company himself one day. HHH could also put over the current Intercontinental Champion or World Heavyweight Champion (Del Rio, Sandow, Ziggler when he was a heel, etc.) and talk about how proud he is to see someone like that wearing a belt he once wore back in his heyday.
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