The Lana/Putin Angle

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, May 6, 2014.

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  1. I'm not really feeling this whole angle. I know its just a play to get easy heat on Rusev, but its been done so many times before. There are plenty of other ways to get heat in WWE besides playing the anti-America card. Especially with a hot chick on your side to cause distractions at ring side. I thought maybe it was a one time deal at ER, but I see she did it again at RAW. Lame.

    What do you guys think of it?
  2. Tbh I've stopped watching his matches, as soon as the bell rings its my official smoke break, but I agree about the anti america card being used wayyyy too much.
  3. Were it a one-time thing I would be fine with it, it was actually pretty clever, wwe however has a bad habit of going back to the well too many times when they feel like something has gone their way. I also think the anti-american gimmick should have died with bret hart(I did enjoy it when cesaro played it, though)
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  4. Yeah true, but then Cesaro became a "Real American"


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  5. I personally don't have a problem with it and it is easy heat. I do see a problem considering the current situation Russia and Putin are currently in so it was risky.
  6. The thing I do like about these gimmicks is how much sense they make, as a non-american, I usually agree much more with the heels about the USA related subjects than the babyfaces's patriotic bullshit
  7. Seems like a cheap attempt to try and get the heat they got from Sgt. Slaughter's Irani sympathizer gimmick.
  8. Cheap heat personified. It'd be a lot better and less generic if there was actual legitimate tension between America and Russia at the moment (which, if I'm not mistaken, there isn't... then again, I exist in my own bubble and don't pay much attention to real world events.)

    Typically, the time when Anti-American gimmicks work the best is when the country that the foreign heel is representing is at odds with America in real life. Just look at all the ones that drew the most legitimate heat - Nikolai Volkoff (Russian in the 80's during the height of the Cold War who would sing the Russian National Anthem and wave his country's flag around), Sgt. Slaughter (American turncoat who became an Iraqi sympathizer during the Gulf War), La Resistance (a French tag team at a time when the French were being made fun of for not insisting us in invading Iraq), Muhammad Hassan (Arab knocking America and borderline praising terrorists just a few short years after the 9/11 attacks happened... drew such tremendous heat that they had to kill off his character and remove him from TV completely), etc.
  9. Theres a little bit of tension over the whole Russia/Ukraine issue. Nothing like the old days though
  10. Good man.
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  11. Cheap heat is cheap heat. If you're going to cut this stuff out, you have to cut out walking out in the rival team's jersey or badmouthing the home team who just lost the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series, MLS Cup, whatever they do with basketball, etc.

  12. Ehhhh I guessssss, but I think comparing teams and countries is a stretch (unless its soccer or the Olympics I suppose)
  13. It's fine, I guess. I don't think they should put Putin's face up there every week or anything, but if they're just going to go with Rusev as a destroyer but who's now Russian instead of Bulgarian (yeah yeah I know, not exactly the change they did but I don't feel like wording it correctly) it's alright.
  14. yeah. makes no sense to me as Leo said they billed him as Bulgarian not Russian, so the Putin shit is kinda lame, if Lana is alledgedly talking Russian in the intros then Rusev would need to speak Russian and Bulgarian to be involved, yeah too many rng elements for it to work for me (but guess as a fellow european it's easier to pick up on that)

    So the angle isn't working for me, but looking on the bright side she has big boobs, so i would beleive anything she said :boss:
  15. Explain Putin stuff someone, da hell am I reading here lol?
  16. WWE are playing on the increased tensions between Russia and the west by having Lana (who's character is Russian) dedicate all of Rusev's (in kayfabe living in Russia) matches to Vladimir Putin.

    Basically very old school foreign heel tactics ala Volkoff.
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  17. I'd be more cool with Lana/Anal angle. (if ya know what I mean)
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  18. Thats what I'm talking about.
    WWE: Lets have the super hot chick come out in a business suit.

    I know she can look better. I seen the pics.
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  19. #WWELogic

    I've seen the pics, as well. She's a real bombshell! Rusev's a lucky bastard if he's hittin' that!
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  20. :true:
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