The Lance Armstrong Interview

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Jan 18, 2013.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I stayed up to see this as I was a huge fan as a kid, it's horrible to hear. The sport really needs to do something to eradicate this as I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the majority of current cyclists are taking banned substances, it really is a dirty sport at the moment.
  3. Wiggins > Armstrong
  4. Can't say I blame these guys, tbh.
  5. Hard to say. A lot of them are probably using substances to keep up with the other cheaters using substances, but that doesn't deny the fact that they are cheating and it's wrong.

    Lance needs to redeem himself (to an extent) and contact the US doping agency and tell them how he got away with it, who helped him, and any other information that can possibly help them catch future offenders.
  6. If everyone is doing it, should he really be criminalized. He's still the best, the best cheater.
  7. Without proof that everyone was doing it, that argument becomes null. Furthermore, 'everyone' is obviously an exaggeration, but I would go a far as saying at least a third or even half are on something that improves their performance.
  8. Let's be real, him using steriods was hardly cheating. If anything it leveled the playing field because EVERYONE ELSE was on it. I mean, the fact they couldn't give out some of his vacated championships, speaks volumes.

    The part that disturbs me is the lives that he has ruined. He has sued muliple people and slandered their names defending himself against the steriods. One particular time, he called a girl a whore and put her out of buisness. He has literally ruined lives defending himself

    On the other hand he has helped raise millions of dollars for cancer reserach..

    SO him using steriods doesn't make him a shitty person, him ruining lives does.
  9. There is no proof that everyone else was on it. It counts as cheating even if ONE person wasn't on it, it's not fair. Things like steroids can also do more for one person than another, so it can drastically increase his performance without having much effect on someone else for example.

    You simply can not defend that his wins are a lie, he is a cheater. The fact he has sued people over his lie is even worse.
  10. The proof is in the puddin' They couldn't even give away his championship for one of the races and another one, 4th place was the closest that didn't test postive. I'm not going to defend a sport that is completly full of corrupt cheaters. Like I said, the real tragedy is what he did to the people who accused him years ago.
  11. Nah Lance, you don't say? I can't believe people are giving this story publicity. No shit he doped, him admitting it is neither here nor there, because guess what, Lance? We fucking know already dude now gtfo
  12. LANCE is the greatest heel in the history of sport, no doubt. What a great man. :obama:

    George Costanza would be proud of him, don't you think so @deth . Lies = George = Lance.
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  13. He's only got one ball, let the man cheat and win a few races, it's all he's got to live for :dawg:
  14. Dennis Rodman #Heel

    Banged Carmen Electra.... whatttttt?
  15. :tyson: is up there too. #HeelsOfSports
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