The last HHH vs HBK feud?

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  1. The last segment on RAW was about to heat up between HHH and HBK before the dull and unnecessary ending..

    I know HBK is retired, but I'm sure if he would do one more match, he would do it with HHH.

    Sure as hell they could pull off something big again like they did in the past.
    This time to get HHH over once more in his business role.

    Would you mark?
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  2. No. I dislike when people retire and still wrestle. And with HHH? I personally wouldn't be a fan.
  3. To add:

  4. Sounds like some fan wrote that.
  5. Could be dawg, just copied it tbh..
  6. If HBK was to come out of retirement, this would be very fitting, sure. But I personally would prefer Shawn to stay retired.
  7. Why? "retiring" and "coming out of retirement" is a staple of wrestling. And you would dislike seeing HBK wrestle again? The guy is still an elite in ring worker even at his age.

    HHH vs HBK at Mania this year. I'd love it.
  8. When someone retires, I expect them to be done. When Ric Flair retired, it was a very emotional moment in professional wrestling and when he went off to TNA and did matches? :eww:
    Just didn't seem fitting to me,
    And even if HBK did come out of retirement, to wrestle HHH? No thanks. I'd rather have a Student Vs. Teacher than a match I've already seen before.
  9. There is no comparing a Flair TNA match to HBK at mania. As long as it makes sense within the context of a storyline I am fine with it. HBK 'forced' to come out of retirement to try and correct HHH's wrongs.

    People can hate on every match HHH is involved in, but they need to learn to cope. HHH is going to be wrestling a few times a year, deal with it. Vince was wrestling a few cards a year during the AE as well. HHH is certainly better in ring than Vince ffs.
  10. Not a hater of HHH. I'm not saying the match would be bad, I'd enjoy it actually. It's just that I wouldn't be a huge fan of HBK coming out of retirement.
  11. until his music hit at WM 30 and you got a deep tingle in your peeny peen
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  12. I'd rather Shawn stay retired but if he was going to come out of retirement to face someone he's faced a dozen times before I'm going to be rather upset when there are plenty of people who I'd rather see him face that he's never even had a one-on-one match with before like CM Punk. I don't recall him ever wrestling Bryan or Ziggler in a one-on-one encounter either, not to mention Brock Lesnar. If he's going to be another schmuck who doesn't keep his word, I'd rather him not waste his return with another match with Triple H. I'm sure the match would be good/great but I have plenty of great HHH/HBK matches (Raw 2003 & SummerSlam 2002 most prominently), I'm not interested in the slightest at adding to that list. Just my take but I don't really foresee this happening. Granted I'm not paying attention to the current going-on's but I've heard this HBK coming out of retirement for a match against HHH spiel every year since he's retired so I'm not really inclined to believe that this time will be different.
  13. I would love to see HBK wrassle again. I fucking love HBK.
  14. I never knew people took wrestling retirement so seriously. You marks realize this is just entertainment, right?
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  15. :upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset::upset:

  16. Shit yes. Any real fan would mark out.
  17. I value those who keep their words, it's not a wrestling thing. As for the entertainment point, the biggest takeaway from my post should've been that if Shawn's coming back, I want it against someone he's hasn't faced before because as I've explained, HHH vs. HBK for the umpteenth time doesn't do anything for me. When I wrote, "I'd rather Shawn stay retired but if he was going to come out of retirement to face someone he's faced a dozen times before I'm going to be rather upset when there are plenty of people who I'd rather see him face that he's never even had a one-on-one match with before like CM Punk." I was clearly saying I'd be upset about who he's facing, not coming out of retirement people (didn't think I had to point that out but it's should've been when I focused the reasoning behind being "rather upset" over the opponent selection not the return to wrestling) . Yes, I harped on the fact that I'd rather him keep his word and stay retired (and I would, it's just who I am and for the record the logic that I shouldn't care and/or should like something I dislike because it happens frequently is one of the stupidest arguments I've ever heard [with this stated, Shawn's case is different from other wrestlers so don't think I was explicitly referring to all wrestlers who came out of retirement when I said "If he's going to be another schmuck who doesn't keep his word" [hell as I previously stated, it's not a wrestling thing, I wasn't even specifically referring to wrestlers but people in general who make a big deal not to do something then relents anyway]) but if people actually took that post and thought I'd be upset at him coming out of retirement in general (which I'm assuming is the case judging from several of the posts after mine) then they failed to comprehend the entire point of my post. Which to put succinctly, I rather him stay retired but if he didn't I'll only care if it was against the likes of Punk/Lesnar/Bryan/Dolph/Cesaro (throwing his name in there because Cesaro's a beast and I somehow forgot about him while making my last post [probably because I did so when I was tired as hell, probably the reason I feel I have to make this post)]) even though it ultimately doesn't matter because people have been predicting this match happening again every single year since he's retired.

    And obviously I wasn't just responding to you Dolph's but Action Jackson didn't reply to me with anything slightly conducive of discourse (though, I suppose I could respond to the "real fans would mark" line but that's usually a laughable & conceited line if meant legitimately and I doubt it was, seemed more of shot at people who are against the idea of Shawn returning which is fine) and so I only quoted you. Speaking of "conducive of discourse," and this is probably the most important part of this unnecessary explanation that's gone on for too long anyway, my general disposition [nowadays] towards pretty much everything in life, especially wrestling, is apathy. Every post I make on this site has a level of hyperbole to it, even this one. When you get right down to it, I wouldn't care if he returned to face Triple H, I just won't watch it. I'm not a fan of it clearly, and I'll probably be a little bothered when I read he chose to face Trips over any of the people aforementioned as prefered alternatives for me and I will lose some respect for Shawn (if you don't grasp the concept at this point, you never will and yes, I understand why people don't care at all) but ultimately I don't care. However, if all my posts were "I don't really care" then it wouldn't contribute anything at all and I'm someone who only posts when I feel I have something to add to the discussion so I exaggerate my feelings on the subject matter, even if it's just a tiny bit, to make my point and hopefully provide something that generates something of value. So, to summarise, I wouldn't mark even if my principles were different and Triple H was a fresh opponent because I frankly don't care enough about wrestling anymore to get more than mildly miffed at it for more than a couple of seconds.
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  18. Jeez brb, packing a lunch. This might take a while reading all that
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  19. I'm skeptical that this is happening. As mentioned, there's been rumors before about Triple H and Shawn Michaels competing against one another at a Wrestlemania, most notably at 29 this year. Those rumors stemmed from the fact that they butted heads during the "End of An Era" build to Wrestlemania 28. There was even speculation that they would do a one year build starting the next night after 28, but it all turned out to be false (the sources were Wrestlezone, which is among the least credible of sites.)

    I doubt it will happen this time either (especially with Bryan/HHH seemingly set for Mania, and I can't see that match happening at any other PPV) but if it did, it would be fitting for Triple H to retire wrestling his best friend one last time. If Wrestlemania XXX weren't so close to HHH's recent heel turn (can't see him going back babyface less than a year later, though maybe I'm wrong), then I'd say that HHH could even turn back babyface after losing the match cleanly to Shawn and then they embrace each other with a hug or some shit. Very similar to the End Of An Era match, only without Taker there this time. (And if this match happened, I would hope and expect it to be a pure wrestling match, just like their classic on Raw in December of 2003, as opposed to a match that would have any sort of stipulation attached to it.)

    Also, like others, I would like for Michaels to keep his word because I like finality with things and I like when people actually mean it when they say they're hanging the boots up. Can't say I would be literally upset if he did return for only one match, though.
  20. @Mustafar Reginald you need to write a book about wrestling....or anything :mog:

    I do agree though with the person I tag as for the part where I'd rather Shawn fight someone who he hasn't fought before as oppose to Triple H. I say Triple H can find a corporate champion to go against Bryan again, I would say someone fresh and new. I say put Antonio in this spot. It can be a HHH/HBK feud as term of promos, and Antonio can fight through a few wrestlers that try to help Michaels take the power away from Triple H, but they fail. Eventually Shawn says he's going to take matters into his own hands and decides to come out of retirement to fight Antonio. The only thing about this is, that Shawn would have to lose and another wrestler, possibly from NXT, would have to help Shawn finally succeed. I see if Shawn takes down Antonio, then it'll be HBK vs HHH again.

    I don't really mind the whole coming out of retirement stuff, it just really doesn't effect me. The only thing that matters if is he puts over someone new, or helps push new talent. Coming out of retirement just to win one more match, even if it is an entertaining script, just seems to have no effect for me in the long run.
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