The last time HHH lost a singles match...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by SpaceR, May 12, 2012.

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  1. April 22nd 2009.

    Against Orton in a no DQ match.

  2. You mean on weekly shows, right?
  3. Lol indeed, last one was WM 28..
  4. Only legit lossses he had were against guys bigger than him. That bastard!
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  5. Taker WM26, Taker WM27, Sheamus ER 2011(?), wat the fag is this shit? :bury:
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  6. Either big guys or guys he personally makes love to.
  7. Sheamus didn't beat him clean did he? Taker obviously doesn't count.
  8. That was the last time he put over someone relevant. Putting over Undertaker does nothing, and the way he jobbed to Sheamus didn't help Sheamful one bit.
  9. This thread: :what:
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  10. I always laugh when people point to Triple H losing to Undertaker two straight years in a row at Wrestlemania as proof that Triple H puts over other people. Yeah, because losing to someone who is already a bigger legend than you are really means a whole lot. HHH couldn't even take a loss to CM Punk last year, even with three (or four?) different people interfering.
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  11. :burns:
  12. Triple H doesn't put people over, that's a fact. Even when he lost to Sheamus it didn't help (pre match attack), and he did beat Punk when he had all that momentum... not a good decision.
  13. Just get God away from WWE. He's very bad for business... and every time he says "no man is bigger than the WWE" ever again while he keeps pushing himself as the biggest thing in WWE history (when most long time fans don't think of him as top 5 all time, or even #1 right now), I puke a little.
  14. You have a point. No one puts him in their top 5's or sometimes top 10's when he's had a long enough career and a spotlight filled career, so he should be really. If he was less selfish I believe he might have just been in that list.
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    #1. Triple H

  16. When was the last time HBK/ROCK/CENA/UNDERTAKER lost on a weekly raw/SD program? Face it triple H(aters), he's a legend/Star. He's not going to be losing much. Plus, this thread makes him look bad. Last time triple h lost was in 2009, to be fair exactly how many matches has he had since then?

    And I'm not sure if Trips losing is very credible, he's legend. Only new person I can see him getting over is Ryback. Ryback is bigger and faster than Trips so it'd be credible. If done right, Trips can MAKE Ryback into a star just like he did for batista and partly john cena.
  17. There are multiple guys on the roster who can run laps around H ringwise Stephan. To name a few: Ziggler, Bryan, Punk, Regal, Swagger, Kofi and Ryback. I personally and I guess a lot of the smart fans would not be surprised at all if any of those beat H.
  18. HHH could put some guys over big time if he wanted to. He would be able to create some new stars that WWE needs so much.
  19. I lost a lot of respect for Triple H during Night Of Champions 2011. Why the hell he felt it necessary to go over the fastest rising star in the industry at the time CM Punk I have no idea. It killed Punk's momentum and he hasn't been the same since.
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