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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. Becky Lynch

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  2. Charlotte Flair

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    Okay...so...I have to admit that the ONLY feud or aspect of the WWE
    I really care about at the moment is the feud between Becky & Charlotte.


    I have enjoyed all 3 matches in the feud so far (I'm including the
    triple threat match at SummerSlam) & while the end of the match
    at Super Show-Down was LAME! (Why would Becky try to leave?
    She isn't a fucking coward WWE...don't turn her into one!) it did help
    build to this match.

    A Last Woman Standing match at Evolution...

    Becky has never looked better since her "heel turn" at SummerSlam
    & is finally being booked aggressively & competent.

    Charlotte on the other hand...has just been Charlotte & has seemed
    kind of lost in this feud. Almost as if she knows she should be the heel
    but the WWE are set in their ways & the narrative they are trying to push.

    Now...I have a statement to make...and yes...it is my own opinion from
    my own perspective...but if Becky does not retain at Evolution...her career
    will be permanently damaged beyond repair...in my opinion.

    I'm almost having flashbacks to the Charlotte/Sasha feud where the
    wrong woman won in the end...and frankly...Sasha has never fully
    recovered from dropping the title to Charlotte at Roadblock: End of
    the Line in 2016 during the "History Making" Iron WOMAN Match.

    This I fear this the same scenario Becky Lynch finds herself in...and I
    don't want to see Becky cast aside again.

    While I'm THE Charlotte fanboy around here (to the point where it could
    be a meme) I understand that her success on the main roster has come
    at the expense of others...and in my opinion...Charlotte has achieved
    enough to the point that she doesn't even need a title anymore.

    Even when she first arrived on SDL...Charlotte did even have the title...
    but she was still the main focus of the division...and even when Naomi
    & Natalya had the belt...it didn't really mean anything...because Charlotte
    was there & everybody knew who the real star was.

    Becky NEEDS to win this match...she NEEDS to be the Last Woman Standing...
    mainly because she has all the momentum & a victory will do more for her career
    than it would for Charlotte.

    Charlotte Flair has achieved enough...and will POSSIBLY be achieving more
    at the start of next year with a Royal Rumble win & a Wrestlemania match
    against Ronda Rousey.

    Let Becky have this match...this feud...and let her hold that belt till at least
    Wrestlemania...the Irish Lass Kicker needs & deserves it.

    Of course the match itself will be interesting enough...with pin falls & submissions
    meaning nothing & it boiling down to who cannot answer the 10 count. I have a
    feeling the match will get pretty rough...and I can already see both woman going
    through a table on the outside because of a top rope moonsault.

    I mean...that's the spot I'd be booking...if both women were willing.

    This match would also be the perfect opportunity fr Becky to REALLY turn heel...
    meaning if the WWE truly want to push the "Becky is a Heel" narrative...then they
    have to let Becky get nasty...like really nasty...like maiming & (kayfabe) injuring
    Charlotte to a point where the crowd does actually turn on her.

    Will these ladies be allowed to push the limits for the entire women's division?

    Will there be blood?

    Will Becky retain?

    What do you guys think?

    Make sure to vote in the poll & leave your thoughts, comments & opinions below.

    Lets get some discussion flowing around here.

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  2. I like both women but I want Becky to retain. Let her have the title for awhile.
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  3. I always thought Becky was hotter, but during this feud I now think Charlotte.

    As for the match, I think there is a chance it could be a really good match. It's the only match that has a real storyline.

    Becky could lose because she needs time to heal from her apparent injury

    Charlotte could lose because Becky doesn't deserve to lose the title.

    If they do a double turn then that would be great. Charlotte winning the title. But I don't know how you can turn heel in a anything goes match.

    It could main event. Regardless this ppv will suck.
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  4. Also...just an idea...both women should fight in their street clothes...
    like jeans & t-shirts...make it more of a wild brawl than an actual
    wrestling match.

    Mainly because they have had at least 5 singles matches now in
    the last couple of years so just let them go wild & fight.

    Its a real shame it won't be the main event because they could
    do more crazy, violent stuff if it was...like say rip up the ring mat
    or have Charlotte powerbomb Becky through an announce table.

    Does anyone remember that time Charlotte powerbombed Nattie
    through an announce table on SDL just before the announcement
    for the first women's MitB match? And then they never did the spot
    in the match itself...& haven't since...even though Charlotte is clearly
    capable of hitting the move on most of the other women on the roster.
  5. I think Charlotte and Becky need a 20 minute plus normal ppv match. That could be a great match. LWS will be good though. I don't see it being better then Storm vs Io though.
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  6. Hear Hear!

    Well...yeah...but they will be vastly different matches...Storm vs. Io will
    be an actual wrestling match...Becky vs. Charlotte (hopefully) will just
    be a nasty brawl with weapons, tables & ladders.
  7. Good to have variety. NXT type match on a main roster will be refreshing. Becky vs Charlotte will be more 'sports entertainment' but thats ok cuz that can be very enjoyable.
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  8. I hope its a 5 star match...then maybe the main roster
    will realize you need women with wrestling skill & not
    just "Soap Opera Stars with Cute Butts"

    As long as its intense & violent...I just hope they let
    Becky & Charlotte do what they want to do & don't
    have them hold anything back.
  9. You need all three. Soap Opera, wrestling and sexy butt
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  10. My Priorities:

    1). Wrestling...
    2). Sexy Butts...

    & then

    3). Soap Opera...

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  11. Tbf any woman that is athletic is guaranteed to have a nice ass. Either really thin girls or really fat girls don't have nice asses. So at least all the woman have one of the three lol.
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  12. There is a large range of booty's to pick from in the WWE.
  13. That should be thread in its own right
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  14. Alright calm down on how sexy these women are because I am getting sort of energized.

    These Women need the Legendary anaconda long as the Great Wall of China.


    (To myself) Easy Big Fella, Easy Big Guy, Easy...
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  15. Stop. You are becoming Grievous the III, and we don't need another one of him around here.
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  16. Will these ladies be allowed to push the limits for the entire women's division? Maybe, but I doubt it. In all reality, if Charlotte and Becky put everything they got into this match it could be very good, but since Nikki and Ronda are main eventing, I doubt it. The same goes for Shayna and Kairi and Io and Toni.

    Will there be blood? Again maybe, but doubt it.

    Will Becky retain? Sure why not. If it means she can be Face and Flair be a Heel then I am all for it, but if the story continues with Becky a tweener, anti-hero, whatever she is then I honestly don't care.

    What do you guys think? This match will be good, but I think they messed a lot of the story up, but what do I know, I am just a smark.
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  17. Becky's current character is evidently great. She needs to start embracing the crowd an go up against a heel. She can be a anti hero, tweener or whatever bullshit name they call a badass face.

    As for Charlotte. She needs to turn heel.
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  18. Becky will win like Ciampa or Cena maybe even HHH vs HBK
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  19. Realistically, Charlotte will win because every story needs a "happy" ending and she's the "hero"

    Though Becky SHOULD destroy her. Becky is without a doubt the best this in WWE right now across all brands, and if WWE really want a woman WM main event, it isn't Rousey Flair, it's Rousey Lynch
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  20. HA!

    Hey...NO ONE is like me...I'm one of a kind...

    Mainly because I'm a depraved pervert...but
    still...One of a Kind.

    So you think they will be told to "hold back" during the match?

    I actually think the story is fine...its kept the focus & spotlight
    on Becky & allowed her to look competent & aggressive.


    & Yes...

    Yeah...you have to love those "forced narratives" in the WWE...

    "You guys are suppose to be cheering this performer!"

    "We don't want to! Boo!"

    "Okay...Kevin...turn their volume down."

    Destroy is a strong word...these women are too even for one to just destroy the other.

    Becky is the best element of the WWE at the moment...but that doesn't mean the WWE
    will care. Like we know...they have their own "narrative" & it doesn't really matter what
    the fans want.


    I mean Ronda vs. Becky will be an awesome match...
    & we may possibly be seeing it at Survivor Series this
    year...but Charlotte is the Alpha Female of the WWE...
    just on a sheer physical & athletic ability...and Ronda
    vs. Charlotte is THE money match...and everyone has
    known that since Ronda first signed & walked out to
    point at a sign.

    I mean...Ronda vs. Asuka COULD have been the
    money match...but Asuka is Japanese...so she was
    ruined quicker than a wedding cake being fed to pigs.
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