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  1. From the info i've gotten from Wrestling Observer, Wrestling inc. and other places here's what's going on in the news:

    -TNA signed a deal with The Great Khali to work with Gaburick to find Indian Talent, like to replace the string of Team 3D trainees for Khali's trainees basically
    -Halloween tour got cancelled! There were supposed to be TV taping here so we can get rid of the old tapings from months ago and get stuff up to speed with present day. From TNA, they said this was due to "internal changes", that's fancy talk for, "nobody bought tickets to our shows". Meltzer confirmed poor ticket sales were the case.
    -The India tapings are set for December, that's right, we gotta stick to more tapings from July for November too, hope they don't run out of footage hahaha.
    -Bram was reinstated after charges got dropped, but since everything was taped before his arrest it's like he never left.

    My opinion on this, it sucks TNA couldn't get the Halloween weekend going, they could've shifted gears from these months old tapings for a better transition into India. These old as fuck tapings have shown the viewership to drop tremendously. About Khali's trainees, that sounds mad worse than 3D's trainee results. Can TNA hold on and make a good transition from these old tapings to Decemeber's upcoming ones? There has been massive changes of talent in the company since July.
  2. - First point, well, could be good to get people talking in India. Doubt he'll do much but I heard he has a wrestling school so that could be good.
    - Isn't it because they had to do the India tour literally days after the tour?
    - India tapings sound good, I don't really care if they keep doing the July tapings until then as I enjoy the matches. I hope they do the semi-finals/finals in India though in front of a hotter crowd.
    - Bram reinstated... sounds good but he needs to stop getting in trouble.

    Viewership goes up and down a lot anyways and well, I enjoy the tournament, it's a lot like TNA doing their own Champions League. They need to get a few more signings in though, their website says they signed Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee, which is a step in the right direction, though. I want another tag team, preferably a top heel team, a new top heavyweight star and a new X-Division guy to shake things up again, round it all up with more good midcard stories. And maybe even the return of Open Fight Night, that was a fun monthly Impact show and my wish of Bobby Roode doing an Open Challenge for his KOTM title like Cena would just be a dream come true.
  3. The India tour and the India tapings are the same thing. Had TNA done a Halloween tour I would have assumed that would have been in October, since that is when Halloween is. That leaves an entire month between the Halloween tour and the India tour. The Halloween tour got canceled because TNA can't draw a crowd. Which is sad
  4. I am so confused now, don't know why I thought they were days apart. I think it might have been because I read that a while ago but common sense didn't prevail. Oops.

    That sucks. One was an ONO PPV too, could've been converted into an Impact taping...
  5. I think the plan when the tour was still a go was to make the entire tour TV tapings. To help clear up some of the mess that the small exodus has caused.
  6. I hope Roode leaves the sinking ship soon.
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