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  2. This angle is so damn entertaining and interesting. They have been building for this since roughly 2009 with various angles building into this. Chikara are arguably the best storytellers in American wrestling, though insanely over the top and silly at times.
  3. I believe Lance Steel has been involved in this fiasco somehow, that involves time travel. So this may have started all the way back in 2005.

    There are already lots of theories behind this, including "Wrestling is Killer" and the Eye of Tyr.
  4. Brilliant stuff.
  5. Wrestling is:

    In exception to Wrestling is Fun, all of the "Wrestling is..." promotions almost spell out CHIKARA.

    Some say that the K stands for Kaiju Big Battel. I believe that the K stands for Wrestling is Fun, going into more time travel foolishness.
  6. Isn't there a blog about the Titor Conglomerate that has been up since 2006?
    And evil Archie was spotted backstage at Anniversario as well.

    On a fun side note. When Chikara "died" IWA Mid South returned. It should now be called Wrestling is Hell.
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  7. Where can i watch/keep up with this? Let me know when to start watching and ill go back, this looks amazing.
  8. That blog mentions the NWO Hogan is going to chikara brother.
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  9. This was posted by Icarus on the CHIKARA message board:

    The most hated man in wrestling to save the day :yay:
  10. Irrelevant, but best promos ever:

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