The Law offices of David Otunga

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  1. [​IMG]

    You can trust him, he went to Harvard. :otunga:
  2. LMao I was about to make a thread on this. I wonder if they are serious
  3. Oh, he's serious. Check his twitter.
  4. "Good morning @WWE If you have a @Twitter account, you have a lawyer in @DavidOtunga. You can trust me, because I went to Harvard #otungalaw"
  5. Going to tweet him.
  6. A few more quotes. This guy is amazing.
  7. Lol. Yeah, I read those earlier. Hope he answers @[Optimus]'s question.
  8. Otunga used to be so hated, now he's an IWC darling.
  9. I have to tweet him about the speedos in wwe
  10. Yeah ever since the Harvard/StarBucks coffee mug, he's been great.
  11. And he's being booked quite strongly again. If RAW was good for anyone last night, it was Otunga & Mark Henry.
  12. that coffe mug kills me lol
  13. Those two just dominated Teddy's team. I wish more of Teddy's team members had came and took the beating but they probably don't want to us know other members yet.
  14. FUCK OTUNGA HE SUCK A WRESTLER! Why does not just be a lawer full time for real and gtfo out of WWE!
  15. It was perfect really. Though it sort of hints Teddy is winning at Wrestlemania. If he does I'll be pissed.
  16. TEDDY LONG BETTER WIN! I sick of this Johnny guy he SUCK AS A GM! There reason Teddy has been a GM as long as he is b/c HE FUCKIN GOOD AT IT!
  17. otunga i raped a panda can i be sued :troll:
  18. *check's his profile*

    *sees this*

  19. I AM THE GOOD GUY! This man :otunga: SUCK AS A WRESTLER! He ownly on tv b/c he marry to Jennifer Hudson and he a lawer if he was not have any of those he would NOT BE I TV RIGHT NOW! THAT IF FUCKIN AND U KNOW IT! Just like the dam miz I sick of the BS alreay TV star or marry to 1 getting in WWE not training at all and get move up maine roster! Mike M. 1 tag team parter has WAY WAY MORE WRESTLER THEN HE DOES! Yet otunga is in a WM match and Mike M. have not been on TV in month on sick of this BS!
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