The Leader of Aces and Eights is...

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  1. Jeff Jarrett
  2. Whats your source :tough:
  3. tomato sauce :gusta:

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  5. Oh yes...that REALLY reputable saws...Idiot.
  6. And yet you wonder why nobody votes you MotM !?
  7. Be nice...
  8. That source is not reliable bud, but it could still be him though.
    Posted a thread about it a couple of months ago.
  9. The idiot is the guy calling the best researcher in the world an idiot lol


    It makes sense right tho? Sting got into the TNA HOF before Jarrett, Hogan's the GM, and Jarrett is free to come back to TNA at anytime
  10. It's anybodys guess really.
  11. This. I hope it's Jarrett though.
  12. I think Crimson. All mad after losing his streak.
    Anyone but Jarrett really.
  13. Farooq is the leader :boss1:
  14. Chuck Palumbo is the leader.
  15. Jimi Hendrix is the leader
  16. Simon Dean goddamit.
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