The Legend Killer or The Viper?

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  1. The Legend Killer

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  2. The Viper

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  1. Which Orton do you like better?
  2. Legend killer, he showed more emotion on the mic. The Viper gimmick requires him to be more one dimensional. Sure he's lightened up as a babyface but still the LK was better. Plus the theme was amazing.
  3. Don't.Even.Get.Me.STARTED!

    I think everyone knows my opinion.
  4. I'm going to have to go with the Viper. He's getting some of the biggest pops he's ever gotten as The Viper/Apex Predator. Now, if this is just my opinion alone, excluding the WWE Universe, then I would go with the Legend Killer.

    LK had so much to offer, and he was just a cocky, arrogant, and had high skills.. Much like that of Cody Rhodes. He stole Ortons old gimmick. Just Rhodes performs it better IMO... Then again, he was in Legacy.
  5. Well... He is a face @[RKO]...
  6. The Viper sucks dick. Being a lifeless robot makes for a shit gimmick
  7. legend killer.
  8. I like The Viper gimmick a little more. It's not really the fault of the gimmick itself that Orton is a bit one-dimensional. Orton could still bring out his arrogant/cocky side a little bit, but doesn't. The 'Legend Killer' gimmick can only go so far, as there are only so many legends to "kill."
  9. What is thwat supposed to mean? I loved Orton as a heel to be honest.. But the LK gimmick was so predictable, as the Viper gimmick is so different... name one other superstar who uses the Viper gimmick.

    Shut up Dolph. :emoji_wink:
  10. Legend Killer, only because of his mic skills. It was a nice gimmick. His heel run as the viper was incredible though, one of the best heels in history, but his mic skills decreased and he became more monotone.
  11. Legend killer - one of the best gimmicks in pro wrestling.
  12. I love the Viper..... who doesn't like a guy who could castrate himself, RKO a baby and the rating would still plummet

    But.... nobody told Randy that he could end up going all Spirit Squad for Drew Mac to move the needle... Coach em up Steph
  13. The Viper gimmick is awesome he just needs to make it lively. It doesn't ruin the gimmick if you talk with emotion and make it exciting Randy.
  14. @[RKO] you don't get it.
    He's getting the biggest pops because he's a face.
  15. He was a face too when he was the Legend Killer during his feud with HHH. Your point?
  16. Not true @[CM Punk] he was forcefully turned a face due to the big pops he was getting at the end of his heel run.
  17. Legend Killer.
    This whole viper stuff is boring as hell.
    We know he has mental problems, why make a gimmick on it. Fucking boring.
  18. Legend Killer for sure, this gimmick was the best one for him.
    The arrogance, the attitude, all of that was perfect.
    I liked that one better than 'The Viper' or 'The Apex Predator'.
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