The lego movie

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Nobody, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Seriously almost envious at Senhor Perfect for having my kids to take a movie to, i think you owe me a ticket for giving your wife some sperm her ovaries would accept.

    Check out the trailer, looks dope to me, but i grew up rampaging legos.
  2. With all the inbreeding in your genetics I doubt you could produce anything other than a flushable entity.
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  3. Aids and Senhor... I ship it. :obama:
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  5. your wife will disagree.
  6. ship?
  7. Good comeback sweet cheeks :happy:
  8. you want me to pretend id be upset shooting blanks? Not going to happen

    Adopted, and the girl unfortunate to spend her life with me will look better because of that option.
  9. Well gimme a call if she's interested in some high quality stock :kiss:
  10. This look's awesome- haha!
  11. canadian? What can you offer her outside of possibly citizenship.
  12. Ship. Relationship. It means you approve of someone's relationship in a couple kind of way, lol.
  13. Hockey, bacon, maple syrup, free health care.
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  14. i hate that stuff sorry, i have no idea how it works. lo (l)
  15. we have bacon and all the others. Outside citizenship. CrayJ Lee will agree.
  16. Well, I'm not talking about characters or wrestlers. I'm talking about you and Senhor. :gusta:
  17. oh we really do. He is canadian and i am > canadians.

  18. Maybe > Bryan Adams but that's it. Also, Canadian bacon > Wisconsin everything
  19. you mean thinly sliced ham?

    Bacon > Canadian Bacon, unless you're talking John Candy.
  20. Why does every US/Canada debate end in Bacon? haha
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