The Linkin Park Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CM Punk, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Discuss on how you like them or hate them, on how the Old Linkin Park is better than the New Linkin Park or just post your favourite songs of this band.
    I'll start by posting this classic. (Nope, not In The End):nope:

  2. Love them didn't like A Thousand Suns but thought that Living Things was a big improvement.

  3. First 3 albums were the shit! Since then...:meh:
  4. Nice choice. I haven't heard much of their new stuff, so I can't judge yet.
  5. Heres the album

    Still has a lot of electro moments on it but I liked this album felt it was more a mix of the styles.

  6. Thanks, gonna listen to it now.
    But for others, I'm just going to leave this here.
  7. I've always liked Linkin Park but Hybrid Theory was my favorite album. Haven't felt the urge to buy one since
  8. I enjoyed the first 2 albums... After that... Not a fan.
  9. In The End was probably the first song I ever heard and I fell in love with them after on. Well until I stopped listening to their new stuff.
  10. Yup funny you mentioned that because when I started reading this thread the first song I youtubed was in the end.
  11. I think if someone ever says, Linkin Park, the first thing to pop in their head is In The End.
  12. I concur with that
  13. In the End is awesome I remember I used to scream and sing along thinking I could be the next big thing haha.
  14. Obviously. Aliens listen to Lady Gaga. OHHH!:woo1:
  15. haha i would do the same thing. I swore i could hit the high part like champ!
  16. LOL exactly the same.

  17. :annoyed:
  18. Also I remember when Hybrid Theory came out and every man and his dog owned a copy or pirated copy. It was huge.
  19. First song I heard by them was Crawling. I loved that song. :yay:
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