Ring of Honor The literal Ring Of Honor...

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  1. So I don't keep track of ROH that much, I'll admit it but I came across this youtube vid and I am so confused....

    They replaced the world title of their company....with a pun. Cody's new title is a freaking pun. What? Why? Huh?
  2. They're getting sued by the company that made their current belts. They are probably using the ring until they get a new belt.
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  3. It's not even a good looking ring. That title was beautiful, and I get that they had to ditch it, but they replaced it with a stupidly large ring with boring rectangle that has only the logo in a monotone red on it. Could've at least added some flare
  4. I like the fact that this is actually pretty original, he is already putting on the gimmick very well
  5. Next they'll be giving guys fucking certificates with their names on.
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