The live discussion issue

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Nobody, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. I could be totally wrong, but shouldnt the LD controlled during the PPV be different than the one during RAW last night? We had the same problem with RAW, as you have to post to get an update on others posting. It makes it hard to even want to discuss, especially with RAW being as bad as it was.

    But at Battlegrounds, the LD worked perfect. If im wrong with assuming there is some difference that can be changed for raw/impact to make LD's work like they did sunday, go ahead and delete the thread.
  2. Not sure why it would work suddenly on Sunday and not last night. The plugin is the same, I activated it in the same way but just changed the section.
  3. This was probably my fault. I removed something but forgot to remove something else.

    Live threads should be fine from now on though.



    Hopefully coming out with something to make livethreads better though, whenever I get some free time to make it releasable.
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  4. I have no idea, and thought i would look like a huge dick (way different from normal) for posting this, but im glad you didnt notice/were busy/sleeping at 2-4am and werent aware.

    It worked perfect for the PPV, you didnt have to post to see the comments above, it would display an alert and said post would be available even if you werent posting. RAW the next night it was back to the issue.

    Im not sure what it is but thanks Coon I never got to steal that gif. Hook it up.
  5. You're not a dick. The live discussion isn't very "live" when it's not working. Hopefully it's fixed so I can join in again. I can't stand the constant refresh, and not getting my alerts. It's the best part of the forum IMO. Hopefully everything is squared away, i'm with ya on it.
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  6. They're working great now. :emoji_slight_smile:
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