The Local Boozer thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Alright lads.

    So what is your local boozer like. Mine has some fit women, some bifters and a decent jukebox. It gets the job done on a Saturday night. I bloody love boozers, better than nightclubs filled with students and metrosexuals. Some of the characters down the boozer as well.

    Whats yours like then lads
  2. Mine has filthy toilets, blood and puke splatted carpet, old hags, filled with transexuals and decent working vhs machine. Also we have this hat guy character who is weird looking.

    All in all a classy establishment.
  3. Whats your issue with metrosexuals seriously?
  4. I cheat I've got two locals. One is a dive but has a great crowd of ppl in there and if you've had a bad day theres always someone you know to chat to. Plus with it being a dive when they have bands and stuff on you can party and dance on tables and just go mad cause no one cares lol.

    My second local is a bit more upmarket for when you want a quieter night maybe with some food. No one near as fun as the above place though as a few of the regulars think they're hipsters and look down there noses at everything. But its nice and chilled and does great food so its a nice change.
  5. My local is a Cincinnati Bengals bar, luckily for me the bartender on Sundays is an Eagles fan so that's a guaranteed spot to catch my boys at during the season.
    I too have a 2nd one, it's a little more divey and less sports bar, I would say the scene is like 25% hipsters, 25% stoners, 10% drunks, 40% who knows what dafuq they are.
  6. I have a couple of dive bars along with your nightclubs. Then there are a couple of the hood 'cluuuubs' were tons of cocaine and sex are sold. :mad1:
  7. I dont get them. What is the benefit of being one.

    Too much time spent on friverlous things like fashion. Call me old fahioned, but I like a bloke to be a bloke, and a women to be a women
  8. I don't do bars much anymore. I have a couple of sports bars I frequent.
  9. I knew this would be the topic of discussion before the first page was finished.
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  10. some guy asked me a question and I answered it. end of story lad
  11. Doesn't change what I said now does it faggot
  12. I dont eat in bars, only the upmarket ones like weatherspoons if I having a all-dayer in town.

    I like a pub to be a pub, serve ale, good perv on the women, and a jukebox with Manson and Nin on. Beat tha
  13. Manson... but isn't that... the devils music?
  14. not biting lad. your sig is pretty great though, nice to see a bit of respect for HHH, the greatest wrestler of time.

    back to the boozer talk
  15. Genuine question though mate. Doesn't that guy kill babies and rape small animals? I heard he sucks his own dick while finger banging the elderly??
  16. Weatherspoons upmarket? WHAT?
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  17. Marilyn Manson not Charlie Manson

    Well it is, you only find them in towncenters dont you lad. Its not like its a local is it.
  18. I think you need to hit the gym, put some cologne on, take a bath, get nice clothes, get a dental job, and THEN go to the bars. You'll see a big difference in your performance with the ladies, brother. :hogan:
  19. I go the Gym 3 times a week. I had dental work done lately. I also have a bath once a week.

    Cologne is for metrosexuals, like I said real men dont need that shite lad
  20. Since you sound so robust, may I ask of your fitness routine?
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