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  1. Winter



    Christmas Day

    New Years

    Valentines Day


  2. @[Crayo] need opinion.
  3. Good choice champ
  4. Updated and thanks Seabs
  5. Any others? I'm going to do Valentines probably.
  6. Added.

    No others really needed (yet). Thanks man.
  7. Halloween one?
  8. I'm probably going to do many for Halloween.
  9. The tree is much better than the gifts, they are squashed.
  10. Looks pretty good champ :obama:
  11. Thanks Farooq! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  12. All of these are awesome! :yes:

    But I do like the tree more than the gifts as well, it sticks out more. It took me awhile to even notice the gifts.
  13. Sorry but the presents overlapping the edge looks completely messy.
  14. LOL, Cody Rhodes mustache, omg... :dawg:
  15. It's pixely. Lol, did you make it bigger?
  16. Yeah. If Crayo could send me the PSD I can make it better quality, however that was just editing the image itself.

    Made it bigger so that the image (tree) wasn't squashed to like 2x2.

    Removed some pixels, updated:

  17. ^still pixely
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