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  1. *Antonio, Chris and Alex are walking towards the car, obviously Alex gets in the front so he can drive. However Antonio pulls him out and says I'm driving but you're in the back me and Chris are in the front. Alex quickly obliges as he secretly hates driving. Chris and Antonio look rather annoyed at the fact of what Neilson done in the ring, but they sit down and Antonio begins to drive*
    You guys coming back to mine tonight, yeah?
    Yeah Sure, is your wife gonna be okay with that?
    Yeah I'll come back too, but as Alex said is your wife gonna be okay with it?
    Let's not worry about what she has to say, I'll sort it. But anyway Chris what was that man, we had a plan going into that ring. I was meant to hand him the MaccyDs and then you where meant to pull him in and End his Days, what the fudge happened??

    Whoa, Tony don't take this out on Chris it's not his fault man
    I was not talking to you Alex, so please be quite, Ayy Chris, you've gone a bit quite yourself
    Well it's not like I didn't try to do it but he bloody low blowed me the low life nothing, I mean he has a hard hit and jeez that hurt. Also you got your ass handed to you to man aha
    Yeah well its not like I haven't taken that one before, but it still killed my bloody jaw, I mean we had a plan and it went bloody wring for god sake, Yah know what?

    Alex, basically have you been reading my medical reports as of late?
    Yeah, why? What's that gotta do with this situation? You're not thinking off doing something stupid are you?
    *Antonio pulls into some type of survive station or gas station. Alex, Chris and Antonio walk into the building and go to a cafe type thing and Antonio begins to speak about what he said in the car*
    Well, Alex the medical reports say that I am not allowed to wrestle for anot her 2 months or so right?

    Yeah, they say you're not allowed to wrestle for 6 months, it has been about 4 months or so. So what the hell are you thinking?
    Alex, put the pieces of the puzzle together, he wants to wrestle early, he wants to go and do what he's best at.
    *Antonio looks up at Chris and smiles then looks back at Alex and starts nodding, he begins to talk again and takes a sip out of his soda*
    Yessss, Chris you're exactly right, I mean the hospitals and the doctors have said my recovery from my knee surgery is going fine so why the hell not?

    Well, first of, you could risk more injury to the knee and as the doctors have said your recovery is going well and we don't wanna be back at the beginner of recovery, 2nd of all, you could be risking your whole god damn career.
    I'll be fine, I just wanna get in the ring and do what I am best at, and that is getting in the ring and wrestling, I need wrestling it is my life Alex, Chris you agree with me right?
    Well, yeah kind of but Alex has a fair point about recovery man
    Welton know what? I'm getting in the ring next week, IM MAKING MY DEBUT IN PRECISION NEXT WEEK, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! Right we are going home you coming
    *Alex, Chris and Tony walk back to the car and continue the drive to florida it is very quite and no one is really talking until they get back home when Izobella begins shouting at Tony and the guys*
    What the hell are they doing here! And what the hell is this about half pay for the next few weeks!! You said this was gonna be the greatest move you've ever made! You might as well have stayed in the indies for gawd sake

    Please don't start but I'm wrestling next week, for FULL PAY
    But you'renot medically cleared you stupid man
    Me and Chris said that Izzie but he won't listen
    *Antonio walks off and goes to the living room and begins watching some wrestling on the TV and begins to ignore everyone. The camera fades black ending the segment*
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