The "look" in wrestling- 2013 Edition

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. In wrestling, one of the gayer aspects often discussed is "The Look". I remember we've had "Best look of all time" threads on here, but strictly speaking on the look in 2013, how would you rank the top guys?



    Something about HHH's old man body just screams bad motherfucker to me



    Two words: dem traps


    You would turn for him, and don't even deny it.


    Cena has to be listed, bonus in the pic we get Ziggler, and Cena trying to grab Dolph's Ziggler.

    And thus, we unearth the mystery that is "why does WWE cater so much to these 4 guys"? Taker would have been the 5th wheel any time before 2013.. the old fat bald man look doesn't cut it.


    Outside of the part timers I would say guys like Del Rio, Cesaro, Ziggler, and Big E are next for WWE.

    For TNA marks who would you all list?

    Matt Morgan
    Hernandez (even though I hate him)
    Bobby Roode if he could get his hair back :bury:
  2. Anyhow, is there any denying that the WWE part timers all have the best looks in wrestling, or am I crazy? Definitely Vince thinks so at least, since we know the look is 90% of what he worries about.
  3. In all fairness Wrestlers like Titus, Big Zeke and Ryback. Have what i'd call the WWE look.
  4. This void of character was in a high profile WM match, thus muscles = :vince:

  5. This guys look is the best

  6. I still wonder why he's even there, I'd prefer to see the guy in your signature xD!
  7. Forgot about Ryback and his pink eye.

    Zeke is just buff, but looks like a ruh-tard. Titus has some swag to him.. he is like a slightly bigger but way less swagged out Kenny King.

    Still though even Ryback doesn't look like nearly as much of a beast as Rock HHH LEsnar Cena

  8. Always think of this, whenever anyone mentions Big Zeke.
  9. Zeke has some cuts


    maybe not in the abdominal region, but look at dem arms, dem traps and his back is shredded
  10. I'd love to see Terry Crews replace Young on PTP. You'd have the greatest tag team ever right there. :yay:

  11. Terry Crews looks like Big Zeke's older brother
  12. Now he's someone I'd like to see hosting or wrestling on Raw for a shot!
  13. Is the look just physique based?
  14. Nope. The Look is very subjective, but for me the physique is the biggest part of it. Just natural stature is a big part as well. YOu can be as large and muscled up as you want but if you are 5'11 instead of 6'4 you just won't be as badass looking.

    Guys who IMO had "the look" without being big muscled up freaks are guys like Edge, HBK & Jericho.
  15. On the most part yes, usually they'd go for bodybuilder type Men. Like Cena.
  16. Kenny king has potential, but i think as wrestling fans people move towards the big guys in general. Kane/Undertaker are demonic/hell raisers and then you have people like Morgan/Hernandez/Bork/HHH and you see freaks of nature who overcome.

    I think a lot of it is the same reason we love to hate on punk, he is so small compared to those guys, he looks like he has no chance in hell. I also agree on Roode, and i'd rather see the midlevel people win (HBK look) over the giants/monsters we see constantly. It's why Khali should never be on tv, and why the Giant is still overused.
  17. Yeah i guess ring attire plays a huge part in this as well.
  18. Fandango/Johnny Curtis has a good look in today's WWE.

    He's 6ft3 244lbs. Well cut for a guy his build and he's handsome to a good degree. Not to mention he carries himself well. He's no Triple H or Brock but his build is good.
  19. 111 lbs? lol

    also, your crush on Fandango-fuck yourself is going to get Seabs jealous
  20. We share him. :gusta:
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