The lost art of improv.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, May 24, 2013.

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    Are you nervous now Champ?
    Life is all in the details. This will seem like a none thread to most but one thing really caught my interest regarding Sting and Hogan's promo tonight, Sting was midflow and disaster struck and he seemingly forgot his line and crashed into a tumble of words which resembled a Gohan post. Now there are two ways to handle this, you go the Randy Orton route and walk around asking your opponent what your line is or you go the old school Stinger route and integrate it into your character. He bombed on his lines but he didn't urm and ahh over it he turned around and paced the length of the ring and declared his excitement at getting revenge on Bully Ray. This puts Ray over, the story over and himself over and it's so simple to do. Now onto a question, is improv dead in wrestling overall? Also were you impressed by Sting's recovery from his botch?

  2. Well to be honest, I never seen Sting get lost in his promos, he's always comes with energy and is gets the job done, but I was shocked to see it last night for sure.Now on improv, I wished other Wrestlers had it, because Wrestlers don't understand, your a character that you are playing and you need to sell it.Also I was impressed with his recovery, better than Psycho Sid lol.
  3. It was a very good recovery but of course Sting is a great talker and they let him improv so no big surprise honestly. The thing is that scripting promos is what kills improv, in two ways. First, in WWE, most of the promos are scripted and if a young guy screws his promo up he'll be afraid to improvise due to having a script, now if a guy like HHH or Rock or Cena stumbles over his lines they may very well improvise as they're allowed to, so in short most guys are afraid to. And second, since the new guys are being taken from zero and being built with scripted promos, they won't have the skills to, which is another problem (although hiring experienced indy guys or good talkers can solve this).
  4. Yeah, Sting "recovered" from that amazingly, IMO. Only a few more guys can do it like that in this business.
  5. I was shocked when I saw sting botching his line. A big veteran like Sting shouldn't do that but his exprience saved him. I think that was a sign that showed Sting should be hanging his boots. Even the god wants it that way!
  6. If anything that's a sign he is still good enough to be around (not to be in title matches, but I digress). Even the best speakers, not just in wrestling, occasionally fumble over lines, and what makes them so great is the way they can recover from it.
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  7. This. Sting still serves a purpose, he just needs less spotlight and less booking protection
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