The Mad Lies of Hulk Hogan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Bort, Nov 18, 2014.

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  1. Post your favorite Terry "BrotherJackDude" Bollea lies.


    This shit is priceless. Now, some of the lies are over-exeggerated and even made up, but my undeniable winner is his recollection of Montreal Screwjob:
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  2. Hogan is so irrelevant, brother.:happy:
  3. He said in a radio interview around early August of this year that he had wrestled Brock Lesnar "about seven or eight times before." Now, unless they had some sort of big house show run in 2002 that I'm not clued in to or simply forgot about, they wrestled only once and that was when Brock destroyed him on Smackdown.
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  4. We he went to TNA, Hogan claimed that Vince McMahon inherited the WWF from Vince SR upon his father's death and had no idea how to run it. So, per Hogan, he moved to Connecticut and taught Vince how to lift weights and run his company. Vince in reality purchased the then WWWF and had been working out long before he even met Hogan.

    Another is his claim that he slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III against the Giant's will. Both Bobby Heenan and Joey Marella have stated that Andre instructed Hogan to slam him.

    Hogan claims he discovered the Undertaker during the filming of "Suburban Commando" and then got him interested in wrestling. Mark Callous was wrestling before he met Hogan.
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  5. Yep, the Metallica story is hilarious and epic.

    Also, have you noticed that whenever a famous wrestler from his era dies (Savage, Warrior), Hogan declares on Twitter how they just buried hatchets few days ago with beers and cosy talks.
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  6. Hogan claims he "auditioned" for the Rolling Stones as well
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  7. What if Hogan's entire life is a work?
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  8. For a man who lies this often, it pretty much is. :hogan:
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  9. One of Hogan's claims had to do with Jesse Ventura when Hogan first went to WCW. In his autobiography, Hogan claimed that he actually asked Eric Bischoff to keep Jesse Ventura from talking negatively about him during commentary. He said Jesse should only talk about what a big star Hogan was, how good of a wrestler he was and how good his movies were. He felt that heel commentators should not speak bad about him.

    Now the amusing thing about this was that Bobby Heenan (who in real life is friends with Hogan) was the heel color commentator by the time Hogan joined WCW. Hogan, however, claims that Jesse was so upset that Hogan had more influence than him so he quit.

    In actuality, Jesse was already pushed out because Heenan was hired as the color commentator. Heenan began calling matches in place of Ventura in early 1994, Jesse being on his way out already.

    What makes this amusing is that Ventura is the most outspoken guy I have ever seen. Even if Bischoff told him to lay off Hogan, Jesse would never have done it. Also I'm sure Jesse would have mentioned it and called Hogan a crybaby. But the only person who believes this story is Hogan.

    Oh and here's another. Hogan claimed he was the one who suggested Goldberg should defeat him for the WCW title. Sigh.

    Sometimes I wonder if he actually believes the crap he spouts.
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  10. "Elvis Presley would come to the arena to see me wrestle when I was working in Memphis."

    (Hogan started working in Memphis in 1979, a full two years after Elvis died.)

    "Because of the time difference between the USA and Japan, the travel back and forth meant that I worked 400 days in one year"
    (What? lmao.")

    "When I wrestled Andre The Giant, at the time, he was standing 7'4" and weighed over 800lbs, when I slammed him, I tore every muscle in my lower back... Andre died a few days after the match"

    (Well, not only were Andre's measurements GREATLY exaggerated, Andre died a full six years later)
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  11. That's Hulk Hogan, brother... I lie, I cheat, I... Nah, I just lie. :happy:
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  12. [​IMG]
    Have you all ever considered that Hogan isn't 'lying' at all?
    What if he truly believes all this garbage he says.
    Suppose we hooked him up to a lie detector test and he passed each claim in this thread.

    Hypothetically speaking, it wouldn't be lying if the person actually believed it.

    (On a side note, each of these posts are hilarious. Please continue.)
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  13. "After WrestleMania II, John Belushi came out drinking with us in LA, but he couldn't keep up with us, so we kicked him out"
    (Belushi had been dead four years at this point)

    "I was supposed to be the lead actor in "The Wrestler", but I turned down the role, and they gave it to Mickey Rourke"
    (Darren Aronofsky has actually come out and said that Hulk is talking shit, as the only other actor even considered for the role was Nicolas Cage. Hogan has also said he has turned down the lead role in "The Highlander" as well as a role in Robin Hood: Men in Tights)

    "I actually killed Antonio Inoki in the ring, but they brought him back to life with CPR. I couldn't leave Japan for a while, because the fans and the Japanese Mafia wanted to have me killed because Inoki is so well loved over there!"
    Inoki wasn't even close to dying. Inoki had to take time off, so they ran an injury angle to write him out of events until he was ready to come back

    "It was actually my idea for the WWF to start releasing merchandise"
    It wasn't

    "I had this idea about having entrance music, we did it, and was the first guy ever to have his own entrance music"
    He wasn't

    "I met a sick kid in a British hospital in 1992, I invited him to watch me in the main event at SummerSlam at Wembley Stadium, when I looked out into the crowd, the seat was empty, and I knew that he had died, that's why I wrote "Hulkster in Heaven"."
    (Wow, this is a big one, for starters, Hogan has NEVER wrestled in Wembley Stadium, or Wembley Arena at the time. More importantly, he wasn't actually in the WWF at the time, however, "Hulkster in Heaven" is a real song, they could make a "How Did This Get Made" episode just on the song)

    "I was in a charity "Boxer vs. Wrestler" fight with George Foreman, and I hung in with him, he even hit me with a shot that made my legs go numb"
    (There's absolutely ZERO evidence that this "charity fight" ever took place, none whatsoever.)
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  14. I've considered the fact that he might believe it. Memories are very flawed and everyone not only rewrites their memories without knowing they are doing it, they also make up false memories.

    In my opinion, however, he either doesn't expect people to fact check him or he doesn't care.

    Oh, I should add a lie. Hogan has claimed the NWO and him turning heel was his idea. In actuality, Hogan declined the idea of turning heel. He hadn't wrestled in WCW in months, however, and finally accepted the idea when he was told he wouldn't be brought back as a face. And also, Eric Bischoff stole the NWO concept from New Japan.
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  15. In this case, I've heard Hogan use both stories as fact.
    Apparently, in Hogan's world, the idea was his idea and it wasn't his idea unequivocally in the exact same instance.

    Solipsism is beautiful. All this time I figured my ex was the most delusional creature on the planet.
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  16. He keeps everyone talking about him. Dude knows how to get over jack!
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  17. Hogan inventing entrance music? Gorgeous George says hi (or someone from that era)
  18. Hogan invented pro-wrestling, brother. :hogan:

  19. Scott Hall did brah.

    Jamming Hulkster in Heaven ATM. I could pass a lie detector test stating I'm the best member on WWEF, must be true.
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