Extreme Rules The main event for ER is...

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  1. Meltzer
  3. Five more weeks of this awesome, awesome feud! Can I get a Daniel Bryan sized YES!

    (This is extreme sarcasm, for the record.)
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  4. HHH vs Brock, the Threematch: Because getting revenge once just isn't enough for Big Nose.
  5. What for? Ugh
  6. Confirmed unfortunately :sad1:
  7. Hopefully Brock beats Triple H so badly he retires and becomes a heel chairman or some other crap.
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  8. If they let Brock win (and I suppose that's a big IF), then I won't really mind it after all.
  9. Meltzer was right twice in one night.
  10. Same here, then after Brock wins HHH retires.
  11. Yay ppl not stepping aside after WM. Jeez this mean HHH is becoming a semi retired wrestler an not getting off my tv this year? I bloody hope not
  12. He won't retire, even if he loses. Otherwise, he would have lost at Wrestlemania. He wins a match where his career is on the line but then retires after losing the rematch the next month where his career isn't on the line? Besides, I still think Triple H is an asset for future matches with younger guys.

    This match seems weird though, because after putting your career on the line, it's odd not to have anything but JUST your hatred for one another on the line in a match the very next month afterwards. But given that, that's why I think Lesnar will win. They gave HHH the big WM victory, but now it's Lesnar's time to remind everyone everyone how much of a beast he is. I'm gonna die a little inside from HHH's ego if he wins this third bout.
  13. Seems like this Main Event was thrown together because of the Rock supposedly walking out. With Cena vs Ryback being untested waters and the WWE probably wanting big buy rates with Extreme Rules they probably figured that HHH vs Brock 3 would help fatten the sales since the Rock walked out on a date he agreed to.
  14. Brock MUST win, losing again is not an option for him.
    This is the time to see if HHH really gives a damn about business more than he cares about his damn ego.
  15. Brunter Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Bork
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