The main site is in a time warp compared to mobile site

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Centipede Hz, May 1, 2016.

  1. Posts, status section and alerts all like 17 hrs old compared to that of the mobile site which is up to date. As with the posts just on the home page it is fine when you click into the indviaual sections
  2. I had this issue yesterday but now it's fixed for me. Maybe this was your first time back since it messed up.. is it still happening? You can check by replying here and checking the last post info on the home page after.
    Did you get an alert for this too?
  3. Have to load all of my alerts to see what is exactly when I'm on my phone. Maybe it's cause I stay logged in, I dunno. Only started happening yesterday though.
  4. You mean you have to click "Show All" and go to this page?
  5. Clear your browser cache, I tested this on my phone and I see latest alerts.
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  6. Still getting it for some reason on the main site, I had to click into the site related section just to see if their were replies. Still getting the same alert,status.
  7. Same advice as above, clear cache. Maybe even logout/login if that doesn't fix.
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  8. :bodallas:Thank you very much.
  9. All good then?
  10. Yeah I cleared the cache history and it done the trick.
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