"The man makes the championship..."

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  1. assume the old adage is true about the worker makes the title, the title doesn't make the worker... so after Mania the belt hierarchy will look like:

    US Championshp

    Intercontinental Championshp


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  2. Yeah, probably.
  3. Whoever winds up taking the US belt from Cena will get a bigger rub than someone taking the WWEWHC from Reigns. Same w D Bry and the IC.

    I'm all for a meaningful midcard but they may be hurting the prestige of the main belt in the process
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  4. That may be true, I guess the way to avoid that would be to make sure Reigns takes down a few big name superstars at the start while he's defending the strap, just to build his champ status up even higher.. there's been some mad talk backstage about Brock resigning possibly so who knows Reigns might not even walk away with it at the end of the show.
  5. You're right.

    I'm expecting either DZ or Ambrose to take away the IC title from Bryan if he ends up winning it at Mania.
    As far as someone getting a rub by defeating Cena goes, no idea who that might be. Ryback, Sheamus, Wyatt maybe...

    Whoever gets to hold the main belt, whether it's Reigns or Rollins, then they'd better not mess it up and find a way to care about all titles.
  6. Don't be surprised if it's neither of them. Lesnar very well could resign with them at the end of the month.
  7. If Lesnar does resign and ends up retaining, I just don't get why they would kill Reigns just like that.
  8. Oh they'll make Reigns look very good in the process.. as he says.. "BELIEVE THAT!"

    Here's honestly how I think it'll play out with either scenario of Lesnar re-signing or not..

    If Lesnar re-signs: Lesnar retains after a 22+ minute match where Reigns had an equal amount of offense than Lesnar just goes beast mode and gets him with a Tiger Suplex to F5 combo.. Rollins proceeds to come out seeing that Lesnar is weakened a lot and cashes in.. right after the bell rings.. THE LUNATIC FRINGE IS HERE!! Dean comes out (he lost earlier in the night) and ruins Rollins chances of cashing in successfully, think back to Ambrose "Whenever you cash that in Seth, I'll be there to ruin that oppportunity!".. thus continuing Rollins vs Ambrose which still needs to play out!

    If Lesnar doesn't re-sign: Reigns wins after a 22+ minute match where they were essentially equal matches, Lesnar off a distraction via PAUL HEMYAN gets Superman Punched, then Speared twice in a row and gets pinned cleanly... Pauly H takes Reigns as his next champion and again Rollins tries to cash in and Ambrose ruins it.
  9. I'd say it would make Reigns look quite strong if he still gives Lesnar a hard-fought battle and then they give Reigns a proper feud going into Extreme Rules. Probably give Reigns a chance to win over more fans too, give him the chance to build his character and fight back from losing a match he was so sure he could win, and they can have Rollins cash in on Lesnar, who can then get the title back in time for WM32.

    As for championships, I wonder if everyone here would be against the IC champion 'cashing it in' for a World Championship title shot on a B-PPV like TNA does with the X-Division.
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  10. So both scenarios lead to Rollins not cashing in and I'd truly hate it if Rollins had an unsuccesful cash-in.
  11. resign- quit voluntarily
    re-sign- sign again

    pet peave, sorry
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  12. No. Let the IC title have prestige on its own, not just a ticket to a better title. thy devalues the belt IMO
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  13. Seth has Ambrose & Randy both with crosshairs pointed at him as the target.. there's no way he cashes in successfully before the next MITB. Let's be honest J&J as well as Kane & Big Show aren't stopping anyone.
  14. :okay:
  15. If both Bryan and Cena wins their matches, Lesnar will probably retain. Lesnar will continue to work his part time schedule (which isn't awful) and Bryan and Cena will main event the minor PPV's while the young core of superstars develop until someone steps up and becomes THE guy to take the title away from Brock. Not that it's going to happen but imagine Brock as the champion until the next Wrestlemania. The guy that will take him down, whoever it may be, is getting probably the biggest rub of all time.
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  16. Seems legit. That does make sense. I thought it could perhaps be a way to give the IC title holder an easy cross-story with the World Champion, therefore proving the IC title to be just that one small step before the big prize at the top.

    But I understand. I guess a better option is just focus on stories revolving around the title, using people we give a shit about. I could totally see Wyatt vs Cena again, possibly Sheamus vs Bryan for that title.
  17. I don't think that would be a good idea.. now a better idea would be using the US title to cash in for an IC shot, that I'd be a less opposed to.. United States basically signifies one area of the world while Intercontinental covers all the continents.. plus it doesn't take away much from the IC belt IMO.
  18. He still does have Sheamus or whoever else joins the Authority (guessing they will probably reinforce the stable and kick Big Show and Kane out) to help him. I'm guessing he cashes in and Ambrose, Orton or Reigns could chase him at Summerslam. Possibly gives them more options for the title, while they could have Lesnar come back towards the end of the year and fight for the title again.
  19. That could be quite good too.

    I just realised that an IC title MITB ladder match could also happen seeing as how there's only one briefcase currently to fight for. Unless they go for the whole World Title on a ladder deal.

    (Also, you guys post way too quickly. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: The struggle is real when I'm typing and see even more alerts.)
  20. Considering the card for the European tour has the US and Intercontinental Titles being defended on the A-side and the WWE Championship defended on the B-side, I'd say that's about right.


    ...Although it says here that the IC Title is being contested between Barrett and Ambrose rather than listing Bryan as either champion or challenger, but whatever, it was never a guarantee that Bryan was winning the championship anyway. Then again, cards are always still subject to change but this is how things are looking currently. Nonetheless, the title being held by the company's biggest star is the one headlining the A-tour while the WWE Championship is headlining the B-tour instead.
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