The Many Demands Of Ryback

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Matt, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Ryback baking bread: Knead me more!

    Ryback Doing drugs: Speed me more!

    Ryback dressing up as sherlock holmes: Tweed me more!

    Ryback in a race: Lead me more!

    Ryback reluctant to forgive someone: Plead me more!

    Ryback Doing some gardening: Weed me more!

    Ryback gaining ownership of a property: Deed me more!

    Ryback donating blood: Bleed me more!

    Ryback discussing with his girlfriend about the lack of interest she has in him : Need me more!

    Ryback demanding attention: Heed me more!

    Ryback going horse riding: Steed me more!

    Ryback during sex: Breed me more!

    Ryback downloading a slow torrent: Seed me more!
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  2. Me in general. PLEASE NO MORE!
  3. Lmao this is awesome. You did this yourself?
  4. yeah lol. got the idea from bryan tweeting 'read me more!'
  5. Don't see the humour in this.:willis:
  6. Can't please everyone :pity:
  7. CM Punk is a Ryback hater, ignore his invalid opinion.

    Awesome thread.
  8. Opinions:tough:
  9. Invalid :haha:
  10. Ryback sucks! :umad:
  11. on Youtube: View me more!!
  13. With a prostitute: Blow me whore!

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