The many faces of big e

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  1. OK i'm watching SD and I cant work out if this guy can show any emotion on his face, seriously he doesn't seem to change it.... How can he portray any kind of character if he stands there sulking.
  2. Haven't seen SD yet but my guess is they'll let him start talking at some point or other. I mean... he can't just NOT do anything the entire time... That's preposterous.
  3. He's just a big bodyguard at the moment, I don't care that he isn't showing emotion in his face.
  4. Yeah, for his bodyguard role he's alright.
  5. He's shown some faces on NXT, not the best faces, mostly variations on scowl or smirk. Not the best with facial expressions. Luckily that can be taught.
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    So the big intimidating bodyguard looking like a kid who needs a nappy change isn't an issue for you? Seriously show some aggression to sell the character.
  7. Ryback >>Big E
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    It can be caught by wtf hasn't he learnt it yet? Look at a guy like Orton who can change the entire reaction of a crowd with a twist of his head.
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    Tbf I don't think E has dropped a shit heap with the companies third best worker yet...
  10. I don't think he has been doing this long (but he has tagged with Ryback back when he was Skip "yip yip" Sheffield. Maybe he thinks he can make it just on physique. But he needs to learn facial expressions, some of his expressions makes Ryback's retard ones look like they were done by George Clooney.
  11. We argued this to death but I still think the gimmick is at fault for that. Big E lacks the charisma, mic skills, aggression and just the general presence that Ryback has.
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    He needs to learn how to generally carry himself imo, Ryback looks like a star.... Big E not so much.
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    Whatever the cause Ryback still dropped that bomb on us and until he impresses me in a 1 on 1 long match ill hold it against him.
  14. Big E's gimmick is like taken off of Sesamy street. It is circulated around the number 5. If he had a character to add to it it would be good (forcing his opponents down for five counts) but at the moment that is all he has.
  15. Yeah but he could still at least look aggressive. He just looks like a bodybuilder who decided to put on a singlet and try to wrestle, Ryback looks like a legit monster.
  16. Indeed. He needs a gimmick and some characteristics ASAP. As long as AJ is his mouth piece I guess he can just stand there and look like a black Lennie from Of Mice and Men. But as soon as AJ disappears from him he will flounder unless he gets some characteristsics.
  17. I don't really think so. I think facial expressions are something you either have or don't. He might be able to improve them somewhat, but if you ain't got it you just don't. I can see things getting worse instead of better if they try to force him into becoming a master of facial expressions. I think we can all think of guys who used forced expressions and it just came across as corny and generic.
  18. You just reminded me of Vladimir Kozlov. :mog:
  19. I was thinking Ryback lol

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