The Marine star is....... (ANNOUNCED)

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  1. The Miz.

    WWE Studios' "The Marine: Homefront" will star The Miz, who is replacing Randy Orton as the lead actor in the film. The film will tell the story of a Marine trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a terrorist. The film will shoot in June for several weeks in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Not what I expected at all.
  2. I think I just heard Crayo scream..
  3. Jizzed. :true:
  4. Any chance of putting that ina spoiler? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Miz as a marine? Doesn't fit the look but everything else will be spot on.
  6. This suggests face turn to me. They will want more people to buy it so the best way to do that is by having a popular face as the main character.
  7. Ted Dibiase was in the marine 2 as a heel.
  8. Oh god I hope he doesn't go face yet.
  9. Oh never knew he did number 2..
  10. I thought John Cena was being in the Marine 3??? so now its offically Miz instead wow
  11. Cool, it'll be nice to hear him brag about it.
  12. Curvball. Miz will be good though.
  13. No He Fuckin Suck!
  14. Who do you think they should've chose?
  15. Re: RE: The Marine star is....... (ANNOUNCED)

    Probably CM Punk, no doubt he's the best actor in the world as well.

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  17. I see your point big guy. I see your point.
  18. This movie is gonna be so bad with the Miz in it
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