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Terminator Oscillator
So while eating my dollar store beef ramen
lunch I decided to catch up on some AEW.

I can mention them in this thread right?

Well fuck it I'm doing it anyway...

Firstly I watched:

The Over Budget Battle Royale from the ALL IN Pre-show:
And it was a lot of fun. NEARLY every wrestler was given a
chance to shine & Jordynne Grace may have the perfect body
for a female wrestler.

*Looks Around*

What?! I meant she has a great body for taking bumps while
still having curves in all the right places.

*Feels the other Members glaring at him*


And after that I watched :

The Casino Battle Royale from the Double Or Nothing Pre-show:
And again this was a lot of fun. Whoever books these Battle
Royales is really good at making them entertaining & exciting
while still having some goofy moments & memorable spots.
The way the wrestlers entered in groups was kind of cool &
gave the match a "rising & falling" flow to it.

Its just a shame Jordynne Grace wasn't involved in this one.

Although special props to Joey Janela's elimination as he
fell though a table head first to the outside from a chokeslam
by Luchasaurus. Penelope Ford's reaction also sold the bump
REALLY well. Also Penelope Ford is nice to look at.

Also Orange Cassidy was fucking hilarious & it was crazy
seeing Glacier again after so many years. I remember him
debuting on Nitro...& it was cool seeing him here in this
quick cameo.

I like these AEW Battle Royales & I hope they book one
for all of their main shows.
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